Hades Screams

Hades screams its torrid winds,

Scorching earth of bone and skin.

Desolate ground of sun bleached sand,

Reminiscent of lunar land.


Scrub brush torn from shallow root,

Crushed to dust while under foot.

Watching step for danger lurks,

From thorn and fang and stingers work.


Blistering flesh under cloudless sky,

Waterless fools most surely die.

So this goes for man and beast,

It matters not be most or least.


Call of hawk and vulture above,

No place for cardinal, sparrow or dove.

Unforgiving this land it takes,

Seizing on each and every mistake.


Birds of prey circle and wait,

For nature to inflict a certain fate.

A hearty meal in barren land,

Relying on the feast at hand.


Wasteland though it seems to be,

There’s so much more than the eye can see.

It’s beauty lies not in pleasing flowers,

Nor in forests where great pine trees tower.


Instead it lies in stark contrast,

To seashores blue landscape so vast.

Inhospitable appearance its enduring charm,

In spite of all potential harm.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

For Generations To Follow

How subtle the wind blows through my hair,

Like the gentle caress of a lover’s fingers.

I close my eyes, breathing deeply to draw in my ladies scent,

Warmth rushes my face as her sun shines down upon me,

Is there any sensation more wonderful to the soul.

Sparrows melodic song taunts my feet to tapping,

Keeping time, as though the conductor of natures choir.

Swooping with grace and tenacity I spy the redtail hawk as it startles it’s prey,

Continuing a circle of life that long predates me,

Beautiful yet disturbing in it’s raw aggression,

I remain undeterred by my love and admiration.

The river before me rages rapid over falls and boulder,

Sparkling like the queen she is at her coronation,

Teaming with sockeye driven by their spawn,

As I by the serenity of the wonders around me.

Is not the hand of God most perfect in the wielding of his tools,

Neither man nor science could compare.

I lay down in prayer and praise,

To honor and preserve this masterpiece called earth,

For the generations that surely will follow me.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~