Hawks Call For More War

Hawks call for more war

A peaceful resolution

Is the last resort

Someone I think is confused

When shedding blood is first choice


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Please Tell Me

Please tell me….

What does it look like to win?

Ideology can’t be defeated on the battlefield,

No matter how you try you can’t kill it.

You can kill its adherents,

Destroying the body, but their hate lives on.

Containment is decried as weak,

Nothing short of all out war satisfies the hawks,

Annihilation of everyone and everything their only answer.

So then, please tell me…

What does the enemy look like?


Dark skinned?

Light skinned?






Sounds like the faces of the innocent and the guilty.

Can you please tell me…

How will you know your foe?

They will not come at you waving a flag.

They will not march upon your positions in perfect high-step.

They will not be clothed in matching uniforms,

Blaring their trumpets and saluting.

So tell me again…

Who is the enemy?

The farmer?

The shopkeeper?

The mechanic?

The soldier?

The school teacher?

The Imam?

The mother?

The father?

The child?

Would you have us kill every living thing just to make your point?

You rhetoric says that you would!

Someone please tell me…

What does it look like to win?


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Innocent Victim

Innocent victim

Slaughtered by a cowards hand.

Men of God they’re not!

Another family mourns

A loved one lost overseas.

Constant calls to strike,

Hawks playing on sympathy;

Who is the target?

Wolves blend in with sheep’s clothing;

More collateral damage.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


For Generations To Follow

How subtle the wind blows through my hair,

Like the gentle caress of a lover’s fingers.

I close my eyes, breathing deeply to draw in my ladies scent,

Warmth rushes my face as her sun shines down upon me,

Is there any sensation more wonderful to the soul.

Sparrows melodic song taunts my feet to tapping,

Keeping time, as though the conductor of natures choir.

Swooping with grace and tenacity I spy the redtail hawk as it startles it’s prey,

Continuing a circle of life that long predates me,

Beautiful yet disturbing in it’s raw aggression,

I remain undeterred by my love and admiration.

The river before me rages rapid over falls and boulder,

Sparkling like the queen she is at her coronation,

Teaming with sockeye driven by their spawn,

As I by the serenity of the wonders around me.

Is not the hand of God most perfect in the wielding of his tools,

Neither man nor science could compare.

I lay down in prayer and praise,

To honor and preserve this masterpiece called earth,

For the generations that surely will follow me.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~