Hawk Soars, Doing What It Was Born To Do

Hawk soars, doing what it was born to do.

What does he see, but his next meal…a path to procreation,

Nothing personal, it is a simple means of survival…

Prolongation of the species.

Is not man much the same, feeding on the weaker of the species?

In the end he is nothing more than an animal;

Carnivorous in more than his primal appetite,

Feasting on flesh and blood of the lesser to satisfy its needs…

Perpetuation of his own.

We claim to be of a higher ilk, greater than the common beast,

But we fool ourselves, we are nothing more than a bipedal wildebeest

Living up to Darwin’s own theory…

Survival of the fittest.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Thirst and Hunger

Thirst is not a disease

Nor hunger a plague waged as a personal attack..

The dirty and downtrodden are not animals with opposing thumbs

Foraging through trash bins for food.

Their children are not parasites to be frowned upon!

They love just as you do with the same wants and needs.

Hands cracked and calloused know hard work.

Many toil hard and long for the barest of necessities

Only to fall short, thankful for assistance.

Yet you despise the poor collectively,

Lazy, blood suckers, bums, leeches,

Used as terms of endearment.

Speaking as though you know them or their circumstance

You display nothing but ignorance.

What do you know of their lives, their pain, their poverty?

Many are victims of economics,

Failing of health or disability,

Casualties of familial history,

Deprived of education,

Forgotten or blamed by the very souls with the power to change.

Greed and loathing blind,

Banishing compassion and humanity to the pits of hell.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Foolish Jealousy

Revel not in the happiness of others,

Nor share in their joy.

With false face and pasted smile, pretend,

Knowing this is wrong, stupid jealousy;

Unable to permit true glee,

Threatened by accomplishments beyond control.

This has always been and fear shall always be

A selfish flaw so ingrained it is painful.

What harm befalls, in the successes of others?

Not one in truth,

Yet the urge is far too strong to overcome;

Weakness takes hold,

Diminishing, making  pronounced the small and shallow,

Subject to the frailty of the flesh.

A lifelong endeavor to subjugate,

Success measured in meager steps forward then back,

To slowly free the mind,

Grasp at joy in all that surrounds,

Pleasure in nature,

Serenity in communion with fellow man,

This struggle runs deep torturing heart and soul.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Secrets Better Left Spoken

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Secrets clutched tightly to our breast

Scared to show vulnerability

Hiding those things which make us cry, make us bleed

From a world we don’t think could understand.


Are we untrue to ourselves

The lies we hide deep within our hearts

Beat rhythmically to escape the fleshy prison

Only to be pushed back into the darkest recesses of our souls.


No one is immune

Deceitful is he who denies his susceptibility

Who has breathed that has not hidden his weakness

Protection from our humanity.


Our society prides strength

Scoffing at compassion and emotion as if a sign of frailty

This is absurd, yet it resonates loudly among us

So we shelter that which makes us mortal.


Maleness dictates the subjugation of feelings

One cannot be strong and show emotion

So we masquerade them in anger and violence

Unleashing rage through pestilence and war.


Our progeny suffers

Families torn asunder in fits of acrimony

Childhoods left in tatters by pent up defiance

Fallen to the tragedy of shame.


Depression festers, virulent and deadly

A secret best left unmentioned in polite circles

An illness of the mind cannot be real

You are a man, you must act like one.


The imposition of this philosophy is for fools

Harmful and destructive to the mind, body and soul

Anxiety, depression, suicide the unwelcome victor

Do these secrets make you proud.

credit - carroll.edu

credit – carroll.edu