Fortified By Walls

Fortified by walls

Convention dictates our roles

We are blind robots

Afraid to step out of the norm

For fear of ridicule

So who wrote these rules

Some wizard behind curtains

Calling all the shots

Break the mold–just live and love

Regardless of your gender


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Secrets Better Left Spoken

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Secrets clutched tightly to our breast

Scared to show vulnerability

Hiding those things which make us cry, make us bleed

From a world we don’t think could understand.


Are we untrue to ourselves

The lies we hide deep within our hearts

Beat rhythmically to escape the fleshy prison

Only to be pushed back into the darkest recesses of our souls.


No one is immune

Deceitful is he who denies his susceptibility

Who has breathed that has not hidden his weakness

Protection from our humanity.


Our society prides strength

Scoffing at compassion and emotion as if a sign of frailty

This is absurd, yet it resonates loudly among us

So we shelter that which makes us mortal.


Maleness dictates the subjugation of feelings

One cannot be strong and show emotion

So we masquerade them in anger and violence

Unleashing rage through pestilence and war.


Our progeny suffers

Families torn asunder in fits of acrimony

Childhoods left in tatters by pent up defiance

Fallen to the tragedy of shame.


Depression festers, virulent and deadly

A secret best left unmentioned in polite circles

An illness of the mind cannot be real

You are a man, you must act like one.


The imposition of this philosophy is for fools

Harmful and destructive to the mind, body and soul

Anxiety, depression, suicide the unwelcome victor

Do these secrets make you proud.

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In Trouble…Again

Tracing careful steps,

I can see you are upset.

I touch your hand,

Gentle and caring but you pull back.

My gaze tries to meet yours,

But you look away.

A tear traces a sorrowful line down your cheek,

Reaching to wipe it away you slap my hand.

Your silence echos louder than words ever could,

In typical fashion I struggle to discover what I have done.

Is it something I said, something I did?

For God’s sake I’m not a mind reader!

This dance of wills goes on and on,

Resigned to the fact that I will lose,

No give or take just a cold shoulder and I’m to blame.

Bizarre and yet comical,

Juvenile in it’s pettiness.

Looking back these squabbles always make us laugh.

Maybe I had too much to drink,

Maybe I told a story that she didn’t want me to tell,

Or maybe I forgot her birthday,

This only happened once,

Fortunately she is forgiving.

It could be attributed to male ignorance I suppose,

Does this dissolve me of blame?

Yes…until the next time.

Sadly there will be a next time,

Confident in my shortcomings,

I will take up residence in the doghouse once again.