19 thoughts on “Domestic Abuse (Haiku)

    • Thank you Martha. I guess I just don’t understand it. I was always raised to believe that you never, ever hit a woman and I have lived by that belief all of my life, but clearly that doesn’t hold true for everyone. I look at it this way, I am 6’4″ tall and 250 pounds…if I were to punch my wife who is 5’2′ I could without a doubt, seriously hurt her or kill her, that is just a terrible thing to think about. What really gets me though is, for example in the current case of Ray Rice, these two people were not married at the time of this horrendous assault, yet she then went on to marry him anyway…I guess this is the epitome of love being blind. I just truly hope that he can be rehabilitated to the point that this never happens again, for her sake. I know this is a really touchy subject, one that I am not well versed in, but I don’t know that one has to be to know that it is wrong.

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