Wisdom Of A Child

Wisdom of a child–

We do not start out hateful

This we have been taught.

Corrupted by narrow minds

Desiring to suppress.

To what end is this,

But to feed the frail ego

–A disgusting beast!

With claws and fangs it draws blood

Weaving a path called ruin.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

I Feel Different These Past Few Days

I feel different these past few days, wrapped in joy

Tolerance I found where before there was none.

At first I thought, perhaps this was a ploy,

That is until the other changes had begun.


Anxiety and jealousy seem much more subdued,

A struggle I’ve struggled with all of my years.

These issues I’d gnash on as if they were food,

Were simply alternatives to facing my fears.


Patiences I lost as I grew out of my youth,

Seem to be returning and rearing their heads.

All because I found what I believe is the truth,

Trepidations settle as my old skin is shed.


I think what I’ve found is the beginning of peace,

Not the kind that we show towards our fellow men.

No–the kind that’s achieved as our inner turmoils fleeced,

May I never return to that troubled place again.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



By We Drink Because We’re Poets – Poetry Prompt #1

Out of Fear

Worshiped out of fear,

Afraid of divine retribution.

One which allowed murderers,

One which allowed adulterers,

With an apology,

To be King.

You toyed with creation,

Becoming angry as a child

Throwing tantrums

When deprived of your will.

Does death and destruction,

To all but the chosen

Sound reasonable and sane?

With Lucifer as a playmate perhaps.

“Here take my servant,

Do what you will with him,

But do not touch.”

Inflicted with relentless torment,

Sores, anxiety, persecution,

Fear of death,

The game is permitted to continue,

All with your blessing,

To see if he can be broken.

Is this how mercy is shown,

Torturing those that love you?

Finding sport in war and death

Both are waged eternally,

Some with your blessing

Some without,

Either way, surely with a smile.

Sending those in your image to their end

As pawns for your amusement,

This seems to be your sadistic way.

As a final act of brutality,

You offered your son up to despots,

Torturing and degrading him until death,

All to uphold your way of life

And save the monsters which you created.

Would a kind and merciful parent do this to his child,

Instilling them with fear,

Instead of promoting goodness and love?

This question must be answered!

Faith alone does not absolve you of responsibility

For the adulterated state of our being.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Foolish Jealousy

Revel not in the happiness of others,

Nor share in their joy.

With false face and pasted smile, pretend,

Knowing this is wrong, stupid jealousy;

Unable to permit true glee,

Threatened by accomplishments beyond control.

This has always been and fear shall always be

A selfish flaw so ingrained it is painful.

What harm befalls, in the successes of others?

Not one in truth,

Yet the urge is far too strong to overcome;

Weakness takes hold,

Diminishing, making  pronounced the small and shallow,

Subject to the frailty of the flesh.

A lifelong endeavor to subjugate,

Success measured in meager steps forward then back,

To slowly free the mind,

Grasp at joy in all that surrounds,

Pleasure in nature,

Serenity in communion with fellow man,

This struggle runs deep torturing heart and soul.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~