How Did We Arrive On This Vile Path

How did we arrive on this vile path

Where fiction and fantasy meet?

Justified in spewing their putrid rath

In droves before our feet.


They peddle not, in truth tis true

But little this seems to matter.

Sooner or later this stance they’ll rue

Once their illusions are shattered.


Never shall I understand the blind allure

Of a pompous and childish ass.

To lead the free world with temperament sure

There’s no room for any morass.


Dark are the days ahead for us, a once great and powerful nation.

For empires become superfluous, with righteous indignation.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The light fails me,

I open my eyes,

Hoping to see more clearly,

But there is no focus.


Nothing is as is should be,

My head hurts in the painful quiet,

There is no comfort,

In this cold empty bed.


I drove me to this madness,

And you, away in disgust,

I didn’t try to stop you,

Stubbornly shunning you.


Your tears did not deter,

I swore you’d be back,

How could you live without me,

After all these years.


But emptiness speaks volumes,

Shouting your answer,

“I’m gone!”

On my once deaf ears.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~