How Did We Arrive On This Vile Path

How did we arrive on this vile path

Where fiction and fantasy meet?

Justified in spewing their putrid rath

In droves before our feet.


They peddle not, in truth tis true

But little this seems to matter.

Sooner or later this stance they’ll rue

Once their illusions are shattered.


Never shall I understand the blind allure

Of a pompous and childish ass.

To lead the free world with temperament sure

There’s no room for any morass.


Dark are the days ahead for us, a once great and powerful nation.

For empires become superfluous, with righteous indignation.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Freedom Of Speech Hurts

Freedom of speech hurts

When offered with hate in mind.

Pious hypocrites,

You hide behind religion

Twisting the words of your God!

What would Christ have done!

He’d overturn your tables

And dump your self righteous coins

Like the vile money changers in your book

That’s what comes to mind

In the end, who will be judged

You or those you persecute?

Perhaps a look in the mirror is in order.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Gates Of Hell Opened

Gates of Hell opened!

What lies in store for the damned

Who worship Satan?

His power grows with applause,

His insatiable ego

Thrives hearing his name.

Feeding off the ignorance

Of the cheering hordes

He spews hate with a smile

Leaving fans drooling for more.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Pointing Out Problems

Pointing out problems

Does not a solution make,

Trump is no genius!

Those of his ilk made this mess

Now you think he can fix it.

The boy who cried wolf

That is all he really is

…You’ve fallen for it.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Serve At Our Pleasure

Serve at our pleasure

This, the politicians role

Most have forgotten

Hypnotized by gold’s allure

They bow before oligarchs

Doing their bidding

As if we do not matter

We can prove them wrong

Because voting is power

And their lives are in our hands


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Wouldst Thou Love Me Were I A Peasant (Sonnet)

Wouldst thou love me were I a peasant,

Owning little but what hangs upon my back.

I thinkest thou would not find this so pleasant,

Discarding me for all of this world that I lack.


Wouldst thou speaketh to me were I a leper,

Or ignore me whilst turning a blind eye.

I thinkest thou would prefer me fettered,

In shackles where none could see me cry.


Wouldst thou hold me if I were a poor wretch dying,

Alone and filthy on thy city thoroughfare.

I thinkest thou would leaveth me bloody and lying,

‘Til the ravens come to taketh their share.


Is compassion so hard for thee to perceive, casting feeling aside with nary a care.

Giveth from the heart and thou shalt conceive, a life full of blessing worthy to share.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Answers–sought after for a lifetime,

Ebbing and flowing,

Never concrete.


Arms outstretched,

We reach…reaching…

Still always just out of our grasp.


Ignorant, we think our quest has ended,

Circumstances change,

What once was gospel dissipates.


We think ourselves wise,

But mere fools are we,

Not knowing that we know nothing.


Time has proven our innocent arrogance,


We lumber on.


Still this is not new to mankind,

As antiquity portends,

Locked in this eternal struggle.


In our end we may finally realize,

We are not so unlike those that came before,

Seeking, yet failing to understand what this all means.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Sin and Goodness

Sin and goodness

Are separated by a razors edge.


This pair expounded

By the fallible minds of men.


One only need look internal

To see their own fallibilities.


A query is begged of you;

Are the sins of the single mother,

Who resorts to harlotry to feed her children,

Any greater a sin in the eyes of God

Than those of the wealthy who hoard their riches

While ignoring the plight of the poor and infirm?


True sin resides in greed and contempt,

Goading sin from otherwise good souls.


The mothers desperation urged by good intent,

While the wealthy was compelled

Out of selfishness and pomposity.


Lines between sin and goodness blur

Through the perceptions of man.


Objectivity escapes us in our passion;

Making us the poorest of judges.


Would not their fates be best left

To the sagacity of God?


~~ Dominic R. DIFrancesco ~~

Fall of the Mighty

Fools revel in their own importance,

Looking down the slippery slope of their noses,

Grinning sarcastic grins at those plagued with less fortune


Vexed not by the pomposity of their exploits,

Superiority exists only in their minds,

Diluted and delusional in their arrogance.


All that they possess most surely can be forfeited,

Captured in an instant and dissolved,

Thrusting the high-and-mighty into squalor.


Reparations for their aristocratic parlance,

Hubris bleeds from every laceration.

As these dolts retreat to live amongst the salt.


Humbled in the face of their failures,

Unpretentious in their relations,

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~