Could You Be Trusted

Could you be trusted,

To do the right thing,

To love thy neighbor,

Be charitable,

Work for the common good,

Protect the weak,

Temper the strong,

Care for the old,

Protect the young,

Heal the sick,

Be kind to all,

Hold your tongue,

Respect opinions,

Treat everyone as equal,

Not tread on another’s path,

Live in peace,


Could you be trusted,

I think not.

For if you could there would be no need for laws.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Wouldst Thou Love Me Were I A Peasant (Sonnet)

Wouldst thou love me were I a peasant,

Owning little but what hangs upon my back.

I thinkest thou would not find this so pleasant,

Discarding me for all of this world that I lack.


Wouldst thou speaketh to me were I a leper,

Or ignore me whilst turning a blind eye.

I thinkest thou would prefer me fettered,

In shackles where none could see me cry.


Wouldst thou hold me if I were a poor wretch dying,

Alone and filthy on thy city thoroughfare.

I thinkest thou would leaveth me bloody and lying,

‘Til the ravens come to taketh their share.


Is compassion so hard for thee to perceive, casting feeling aside with nary a care.

Giveth from the heart and thou shalt conceive, a life full of blessing worthy to share.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Solemn And Desperate We Walk This Earth

Solemn and desperate we walk this earth

Spending life in a quest for the Almighty.

The One we think we know through books

Through hymns,

Through symbols,

Through statues,

Through all manner of mankind’s understanding.

Living this life for the hope of something better;

Squandering precious time at the crossroads,

Looking north, south, east and west directionless

Leads to an unfulfilled life–

One of sadness and regret as this door closes.

Assuredly this is not what is thirsted for,

Nor what the Creator desires for his children

Yet we pretend to be omniscient;

Claiming to know what God wants of us,

Acting as judge and jury over our fellow man.

Even the Bishop of Rome has seen the light saying,

“Who am I to judge” realizing his humanness.

What if we were to love our fellow man,

Love ourselves enough to live life to the fullest,

Wouldn’t we be living as we were designed to,

Letting bygones be bygones?


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Random Act

An outstretched hand offered to the fallen

A kind word spoken to those in distress

A shoulder to cry on for those in mourning

Offered to comfort the wounded among us


A gentle hug to let them know you care

A tender kiss to show your affection

A stroke of the hair letting them know you are by their side

Given without condition from the goodness of a gentle heart


A pat on the back to show appreciation

A wide knowing smile to brighten their day

A look into their eyes to acknowledge their existence

Lifting the spirits of those who suffer themselves forgotten


All things that daily we ought to make offer

Random acts of kindness shown to our fellow man

Still in our humanness we forget these little things

Simple acts that serve to enrich our karma


Instead we neglect our neighbors out of hand

Evading eye contact

Dismissing their difficulties

Oblivious to their losses


Is it because we are too engaged

Or is it that we just don’t care

How sad this is

Living life absorbed in our own self-interests


Wrapped in a box of our own making

A cocoon made from our own selfishness

Useless but as a tomb when it is our time

Unloved, unappreciated, unnoticed, will you pass on alone

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~