What Lies On Distant Shores

What lies on distant shores,

Buckets, pigeon holes, troughs for segregation.

Language, dress, birthplace do not an enemy make.

Where came this bitter misdirection?

Religion, culture, song, dance,

These are things of man’s creation.

Strip naked man and woman–

Lay them bare of their mortal inventions.

Confiscate their language, dress, birthplace,

Expropriate their religion, culture, song, dance,

Take all they have of this world;

What have they left?

Blood and skin and bone;

That which crumbles with inevitable death.

Hopes and dreams, emotions;

intangibles that define humanness.

Air, food, water, shelter;

That which sustains us.

Boundaries of man hold no sway over these.

We are but one species,

Born and consumed in life,

Until the day we return home

To the dust from whence we came.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


A Random Act

An outstretched hand offered to the fallen

A kind word spoken to those in distress

A shoulder to cry on for those in mourning

Offered to comfort the wounded among us


A gentle hug to let them know you care

A tender kiss to show your affection

A stroke of the hair letting them know you are by their side

Given without condition from the goodness of a gentle heart


A pat on the back to show appreciation

A wide knowing smile to brighten their day

A look into their eyes to acknowledge their existence

Lifting the spirits of those who suffer themselves forgotten


All things that daily we ought to make offer

Random acts of kindness shown to our fellow man

Still in our humanness we forget these little things

Simple acts that serve to enrich our karma


Instead we neglect our neighbors out of hand

Evading eye contact

Dismissing their difficulties

Oblivious to their losses


Is it because we are too engaged

Or is it that we just don’t care

How sad this is

Living life absorbed in our own self-interests


Wrapped in a box of our own making

A cocoon made from our own selfishness

Useless but as a tomb when it is our time

Unloved, unappreciated, unnoticed, will you pass on alone

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~