My Struggle Persists

My struggle persists.

When confronted with belligerence I am weak;

Anger bubbles up from the depths of my soul.

Though I attempt to be as the sage,

Civil, calm, understanding, as yet I am not.

This disappoints me–disappoints me greatly,

But I have learned to forgive myself.

It is only my humanness barging through

Exposing me for what I am…a mere mortal.

Superhuman, without feelings or emotion,

I suppose not as I was born, live and will die.

Perhaps next time I will have more control,

Understanding that he who presents as my adversary

Is nothing more than my fellow man,

Ensconced with the very same emotions

That I too struggle to contain.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


What Lies On Distant Shores

What lies on distant shores,

Buckets, pigeon holes, troughs for segregation.

Language, dress, birthplace do not an enemy make.

Where came this bitter misdirection?

Religion, culture, song, dance,

These are things of man’s creation.

Strip naked man and woman–

Lay them bare of their mortal inventions.

Confiscate their language, dress, birthplace,

Expropriate their religion, culture, song, dance,

Take all they have of this world;

What have they left?

Blood and skin and bone;

That which crumbles with inevitable death.

Hopes and dreams, emotions;

intangibles that define humanness.

Air, food, water, shelter;

That which sustains us.

Boundaries of man hold no sway over these.

We are but one species,

Born and consumed in life,

Until the day we return home

To the dust from whence we came.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Blustery Emotions (Sonnet)

Blustery emotions we never quite reveal,.

Held closely to the breast, we keep hollow charade

In clutching to desire, allowing us to feel

Passion for our lives behind handsome painted facade.

What pray tell do these falsehoods promise portend,

But misery and suffering at their wretched feeble hand.

Lies behind a masquerade, this be all that it sends

As it passes through the narrow, the hourglass sand.

To whom doth this harm, dishonesty deceive,

None other than ourselves with a lifetime of regret.

Whilst in our final hour, its our soul that we grieve,

Taken to the grave, eternity ne’er forgets.

Would truth not have been wiser, to others and ourselves,

For in the end lies get washed away like watercolors–not pastels.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Shallow Emotions

Shallow emotions;

Ones locked away from the world

Scratch–claw their way out.

Embarrassment the result,

Succumbing to our frailties.

In being human

At times we’ll stumble and fall

Getting cut and bruised.

Forgive yourself and move on

For the best is yet to come.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Thoroughfares, city streets, horns, whistles, sirens,

Skyscrapers, Bodegas, concrete, glass, marble,

Architectural mix of contemporary and antiquity,

Pedestrians clambering for every inch of real estate,

Bumping and banging without so much as an apology,

Cabbies double parked, limousines glaring in the hazy sun,

Waiting to pick up self-important snobs dressed in Armani,

Street signs, no turn on red, traffic signals,

Amber– speed up, red– stop…maybe, watch the cross walk,

Smog, noise, yelling, hustle, bustle, pushing, shoving,

Litter, smells, sweeping, scrubbing, dirt that never leaves,

Obnoxious, angry, rude, arrogant, impulsive, disrespectful,

Hurried, oblivious, blind to the surroundings,

Clutching at purse, coveting wallet, pickpocket, snatcher,

Trees, bushes, fragrant flower boxes, out-of-place,

Warm, generous, loving, lost in the clutter,

The cityscape, not so unlike the cacophony of my mind,

Thrusting good and evil, to and fro,

A kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, smells, touches,

Molding who I am, what I think and who I will become.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


By D. R. DiFrancesco


Emotions so fragile,

Pushed to the forefront,

Exposed like raw nerves.


Twisted to fit the mold,

Irrational to the point of ridiculous,

Impossible to live without.


In apathy we stifle them,

Turning cold and hard,

Void of feelings toward the outside world.


In love they are laid bare,

Naked to the beholder,

Shatterable as crystal in the hands of a child.


In anger they are irrational,

Fierce and hateful in their rage,

Destructive as fire when unrestrained.


In joy there is peace,

Freely gifted to those accepting,

Shared willingly without precondition or pretense.


In sadness there is affliction,

Crushing then strengthening our resolve,

Amplifying our vulnerabilities.


Unique in our humanness,

Thriving on more than instinct alone,

Alive in our emotions.