From Heaven Falls Tears

From Heaven falls tears

Washing man’s filth from this earth.

Is that not called love?

Could any Father do more

To heal wounds of his children?


He weeps for our souls,

Our loss of humanity

Once gifted to us,

Dismissed in lieu of greed

Yet denied by the greedy.


Is this not our way,

To walk through life in blindness

Avoiding our flaws?

Then in our reckoning hour

We beg for His forgiveness.


How foolish we are

Destroying so many lives

All for bits of gold.

In the end what did this buy,

But a road leading to Hell.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Brokenness (Acrostic)

Blame, cursed blame eats at the soul

Recusing the heart from feeling…loving

Oblivions incessant darkness shadows every breath

Knocking on every door selling its wretched wares

Even goodness recognized is stymied by the gauntlet

Nothing is permitted passage for fear of pain

No one is let beyond the citadel’s ramparts

Entry can not be bought as the heart’s gate is closed

Strangled by pity and destined for loneliness

Sadness ravages because we cannot let go


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Harbor No Ill Will (Tanka)

Harbor no ill will

Make friends of your enemies

Though unnatural

Forgiveness is essential

To live a spirit filled life

So easy to say

In the right circumstances

Though hard to commit

Once anger has taken hold

Breathe deeply and let it go


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

My Struggle Persists

My struggle persists.

When confronted with belligerence I am weak;

Anger bubbles up from the depths of my soul.

Though I attempt to be as the sage,

Civil, calm, understanding, as yet I am not.

This disappoints me–disappoints me greatly,

But I have learned to forgive myself.

It is only my humanness barging through

Exposing me for what I am…a mere mortal.

Superhuman, without feelings or emotion,

I suppose not as I was born, live and will die.

Perhaps next time I will have more control,

Understanding that he who presents as my adversary

Is nothing more than my fellow man,

Ensconced with the very same emotions

That I too struggle to contain.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Skin Prickles

Skin prickles,

Blood boils,

Barbs catch flesh

Tearing bits and pieces.

Words are arrows striking my soul,

Bleeding and angry I cry out.

Why…why does bating frustrate,

I promised it wouldn’t!

It would never be allowed to spoil me,

But it has once again.

Deep breaths, eyes closed, I must let it go,

Regaining my center,

Banishing my anger to the netherlands,

For my own sanity I must forgive

Allowing others to believe as they will.

They too are trying to find their way;

Looking for answers through consensus or conflict.

I must learn to accept this with a smile

Offering them nothing,

But love and silence.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~




Or at least the thought of it

Over little things

For this I have no excuse

Except for being human

I long to be more

Much more than this petty man

One that’s full of love

Unconsciously forgiving

WIth not one expectation

Even this is hard

This one solitary thing

Before the gauntlet

It is called being human

This one–I cannot escape


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I Entertained The Thought of Loving You

I entertained the thought of loving you,

But a selfish heart was blind to all except its own conceits.

No time for anyone else,

Nothing but what satisfied its needs.

You offered love,

You offered kindness, compassion and passion,

The fool that I was missed it

Or chose not to see it.

Really–what’s the difference;

Blind is blind,

Ignorance is ignorance,

Splitting hairs is all that it is.

Does it really matter what its called?

You said you were leaving,

Did I try to stop you…


I watched you walk away;

Not one tear in my eye,

Nary an ache in my heart,

Only perhaps a touch of relief for the freedom.

It makes me sick to think about it,

Embarrassed, ashamed.

Years passed and chance reared its head,

You never gave up on me,

Never hated me as I hated myself.

Your love for me remained though I didn’t deserve it.

I was not worthy.

I eventually grew up, throwing aside my childish ways,

Realizing that who stood before me was exactly who I wanted,

Exactly who I wanted to give my love to.

You took me in,

Sheltered me,

Loved me,

Forgave me my insensitivity,

My foolhardiness;

Never reminding me of it..

How can I ever thank you enough for saving me

…From myself


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Raging Storms of Emotion

Raging storms of emotion

Depressing spirits,

Letting go–while oft advised, remains elusive.

Instead we choose to perpetuate past wrongs,

Embodying our history as if the present,

Reliving it day after day after day.

This does not promote the fullness of life,

Rather it stunts our happiness;

That which is our God given right.

Healing begins with forgiveness,

Forgiving yourself…

Not for the despicable act

That which was not of your doing,

But for the effect it has on your soul.

It is not necessary to forgive the perpetrator,

They are not worthy–

Nor a requisite for healing.

This is your life,

Take it back,

Live in the light,

Dig deep within yourself,

Choose to live in the joy that was gifted to you

–By your birth.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Shallow Emotions

Shallow emotions;

Ones locked away from the world

Scratch–claw their way out.

Embarrassment the result,

Succumbing to our frailties.

In being human

At times we’ll stumble and fall

Getting cut and bruised.

Forgive yourself and move on

For the best is yet to come.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~