I Entertained The Thought of Loving You

I entertained the thought of loving you,

But a selfish heart was blind to all except its own conceits.

No time for anyone else,

Nothing but what satisfied its needs.

You offered love,

You offered kindness, compassion and passion,

The fool that I was missed it

Or chose not to see it.

Really–what’s the difference;

Blind is blind,

Ignorance is ignorance,

Splitting hairs is all that it is.

Does it really matter what its called?

You said you were leaving,

Did I try to stop you…


I watched you walk away;

Not one tear in my eye,

Nary an ache in my heart,

Only perhaps a touch of relief for the freedom.

It makes me sick to think about it,

Embarrassed, ashamed.

Years passed and chance reared its head,

You never gave up on me,

Never hated me as I hated myself.

Your love for me remained though I didn’t deserve it.

I was not worthy.

I eventually grew up, throwing aside my childish ways,

Realizing that who stood before me was exactly who I wanted,

Exactly who I wanted to give my love to.

You took me in,

Sheltered me,

Loved me,

Forgave me my insensitivity,

My foolhardiness;

Never reminding me of it..

How can I ever thank you enough for saving me

…From myself


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

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