Brokenness (Acrostic)

Blame, cursed blame eats at the soul

Recusing the heart from feeling…loving

Oblivions incessant darkness shadows every breath

Knocking on every door selling its wretched wares

Even goodness recognized is stymied by the gauntlet

Nothing is permitted passage for fear of pain

No one is let beyond the citadel’s ramparts

Entry can not be bought as the heart’s gate is closed

Strangled by pity and destined for loneliness

Sadness ravages because we cannot let go


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Complicit Are They

Complicit are they

Brandishing their mighty swords

While crying for war

They hold the blade to our necks

Prepared to slaughter skeptics

Monsters, murderers

A mess of their creation

Denied as fiction

How short the memory is

When the Right can blame the Left


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Taste of Blame (Sonnet)

Bitter and nauseating is the taste of blame

Often stirred by our misguided spirit–ego.

Detesting others with fortune and fame

Until ones jealousy doth flourishing, grows.


Little good does it serve to another accuse;

Rotting heart and soul to the core.

Resulting in pain and the minds terrible abuse,

Living in darkness ‘til every fiber doth abhor.


Does harboring this envy, one deadly sin

Heal what you view as improper nay unjust?

This frailty so human caused all ills begin

Diminishing our ability to trust.


What profit can be gained from hatred ingrained,

But to torture our souls until loves power doth refrain.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Pray Tell (Sonnet)

Pray tell–Does the universe despise me?

Beleaguered by torment and pain;

I drown as a ship down at sea,

No longer having anything to gain.

Projecting my anguish on others unknown,

Fate lies beyond the boundaries of my soul.

Smiles and laughs behind stone faces shown,

Nothing left of my heart, but a bottomless hole.

Tell me where…oh where does blame lie?

Surely without I am most convinced.

A belief to the day this body dies,

As casket lid closes on my last pain winced.


Could it be–that perhaps it is I, that has all along been to blame,

None other than me by my God given name.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Goodbye to a Fickle Friend

I’ve blamed you for my failures

My lack of progress and time

I’ve blamed you for my regrets

Even before I knew you

Denial is such a fickle friend

Used as a crutch to discredit one’s shortcomings

This is nothing more than a charade

A game I have played for a lifetime

A look inside bore the reflection of truth

It was me all along

My own worst enemy

Incessant procrastination has held me back

Over-thinking every minute detail has crippled me

Accomplishments lay out of reach to no one else’s fault

It was never you at blame for my failures

Nor my lack of progress or time

Regrets were never realized through you

I have deflected my imperfections long enough

The mirror has parlayed a harsh reality

Leaving me exposed to the frailty that has been the catalogue of my life

With eyes splayed wide, the path before me is clear

Freeing me to pursue all that I’ve spent a lifetime avoiding out of fear

For this I am forever grateful to you

In spite of me

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~