Obligation (Acrostic)

One thing leads to another

Blinding our own needs.

Lingering wants and desires go unfulfilled.

Instead we tend to the needs of others,

Giving unselfishly of ourselves;

Agony and ecstasy its progeny.

These are our burdens,

Ignoring them is impossible.

Our sacred duty demands…

Never to shirk your responsibilities.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


O’ How Man Grasps For A Higher Power

O’ how man grasps for a Higher Power

Looking for answers to someone unseen

Praying for knowledge before the final hour

Asking recognition for all that we’ve been


Nay–seldom does the Divine ever respond

Rather resting squarely on the faith of man

Free-will determining what we will become

No one there to take us by the hand


Responsible are we for making our way

Following the path that we choose

Easy it is, surely no one will say

This life is ours to live or to lose


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Torrents of Rain

Torrents of rain,

Devastating floods,

Blinding snows,

Frigid cold,

Sweltering heat,



Hurricanes smashing lives,

El Ninõ,

El Ninã,

The perfect storm,

Take responsibility for ourselves,

Take responsibility for our actions,

Unless it interferes with capitalism,

Then responsibility goes out the window.

Global warming…


Liberal scientists–a gauntlet to progress

Or could we really be destroying the planet.

Recklessly laying waste to mother earth,

All for the almighty dollar.

What will we leave as our legacy?

A world spiraling out of control,

Cold, hot, bleak, devastated,

Because of our denial,

Because of our arrogance,

Chaos for the next generation,

And the ones that follow them.

Our responsibility is not arbitrary,

It is our duty,

We owe it to the future,

To do what is right,

Before its too late.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Goodbye to a Fickle Friend

I’ve blamed you for my failures

My lack of progress and time

I’ve blamed you for my regrets

Even before I knew you

Denial is such a fickle friend

Used as a crutch to discredit one’s shortcomings

This is nothing more than a charade

A game I have played for a lifetime

A look inside bore the reflection of truth

It was me all along

My own worst enemy

Incessant procrastination has held me back

Over-thinking every minute detail has crippled me

Accomplishments lay out of reach to no one else’s fault

It was never you at blame for my failures

Nor my lack of progress or time

Regrets were never realized through you

I have deflected my imperfections long enough

The mirror has parlayed a harsh reality

Leaving me exposed to the frailty that has been the catalogue of my life

With eyes splayed wide, the path before me is clear

Freeing me to pursue all that I’ve spent a lifetime avoiding out of fear

For this I am forever grateful to you

In spite of me

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~