Rains Cascade From The Mountaintop

Rains cascade from the mountaintop

So fluid in its dance of desperation

Tumbling over granite shards

Impregnating the seed of the dormant bride

Soon she will welcome her offspring

Colorful and joyous

Springing from crack and crevice

To play amongst the warmth of the winds

Her groom–

Disappearing ever downward

Seeks slumber in the bed below

Having succumbed to destiny

Coyote and cacti feed from his humble remains

Quenching their arid thirst

Until at once

…He is no more


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Torrents of Rain

Torrents of rain,

Devastating floods,

Blinding snows,

Frigid cold,

Sweltering heat,



Hurricanes smashing lives,

El Ninõ,

El Ninã,

The perfect storm,

Take responsibility for ourselves,

Take responsibility for our actions,

Unless it interferes with capitalism,

Then responsibility goes out the window.

Global warming…


Liberal scientists–a gauntlet to progress

Or could we really be destroying the planet.

Recklessly laying waste to mother earth,

All for the almighty dollar.

What will we leave as our legacy?

A world spiraling out of control,

Cold, hot, bleak, devastated,

Because of our denial,

Because of our arrogance,

Chaos for the next generation,

And the ones that follow them.

Our responsibility is not arbitrary,

It is our duty,

We owe it to the future,

To do what is right,

Before its too late.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~