Rains Cascade From The Mountaintop

Rains cascade from the mountaintop

So fluid in its dance of desperation

Tumbling over granite shards

Impregnating the seed of the dormant bride

Soon she will welcome her offspring

Colorful and joyous

Springing from crack and crevice

To play amongst the warmth of the winds

Her groom–

Disappearing ever downward

Seeks slumber in the bed below

Having succumbed to destiny

Coyote and cacti feed from his humble remains

Quenching their arid thirst

Until at once

…He is no more


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Savage Beauty

The crimson sky fumes with the rage of desert summer,

Turning springs flowers of gold and lavender to tawny dust.

Scorpion and rattler laze in awe,

Cherishing the warmth of the arid sun.

Cacti dot the plains, green and angry,

Breaking the monotony of the monochrome landscape.

Beneath even the most lovely of spouts lays a heart of bramble,

Drawing first blood from all but the sturdiest patron.

Lonesome ballads of the song dog eclipse the dark silence,

Howling teardrops rain upon the parched surface.

Rife with dwellers only dreamt of in nightmares,

Exotic, ghoulish, yet beautiful,

A vista both barren and thriving beckons.

Calling the adventurous to pay homage,

Genuflecting in respect to this alien canvas.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Jeweled Desert

Credit - gorp.com

Credit – gorp.com

By D. R. DiFrancesco


The late fall sky

Bathed in tangerine and magenta

Fragrance of Palo Verde and Cottonwood fills the air

Serenity cloaks the towering granite peaks

Wrapping them in shades of purple and gold

Exalting their millennial majesty

The coyote’s bay

Floating effortlessly through the canyons

They share their lonesome longing song

Adorned as if otherworldly

Cacti and the gnarled Joshua tree dot the desolate Sonoran desert

Prickly and unpretentious in their beauty

The landscape ruled by snake and scorpion

Rattle of the tail and venomous sting, relics of the deadly precipice

The destiny awaiting the oblivious visitor

Rain devoid xeriscape

Designed by the marvelous hand of nature

Wondrous in it’s simplicity and complexity

Man could not have created such a miraculous wonder

For our nature is to destroy

Still the creator left flawed beings as the keepers

To cherish and protect his prized ecru jewel.

The Star

By D. R. DiFrancesco

Touching heaven with finger-like peaks

Bathed in purple and black

Crags and fissures a sign of her violent past

Yet in these chiseled features there is peace

Calm in her desolation

Joy in her solitude

Rains come, seldom, brief and miniscule

Life  giving none-the-less

Colors erupt skyward from cracks and crevasses

Green, yellow, orange, and purple

Clothing fit for a queen

Floral draped plains bow at her feet

Only the finest for such a star

Sierra Estrella her name

But the cape once so lovely abandons her

Leaving her naked, hard, and rough

No less beautiful in the raw

Standing tall, she resumes her watch

Desert, now void of  an audience unfurls

Bowing blindly to her majesty

Hawks and buzzards her only court

Left to marvel at her magnificence

Her strength, her beauty, her wonder.

The Sierra Estrella Mountain range (estrella in spanish is “star”)  is located southwest of Phoenix Arizona.  My home looks over these mountains and in the years that I have lived here, I have never gotten tired of looking at them.

Desolate Beauty

By D. DiFrancesco


Pale blue cloudless skies

God’s of granite rise to meet it

Hawks and buzzards scream their cries

Parched and cracking earth crumbles bit by bit.


Yet life does thrive in this barren wasteland

Angry flora and fauna its solemn masters

Brown and tan the palette at hand

Landscape the pupil, sun the headmaster.


Cliff dwellings and hieroglyphs call home this domain

Once proud inhabitants have faded and gone

Arachnids and echoes are all that remain

Of an era that is all but bygone.


Still man insists on taming the unattainable

Its lifeblood rerouted and dammed

For cities and towns, its inhabitants expendable

The resultant effects unplanned.


Yet with all the scrub and cactus and scorpion

Its peace and beauty abound

The mountains and valleys elicit euphoria

No greater gift can be found.


Try as we might to alter its reality

The eagle keeps watch over this land

Man and machine try to prove natures frailty

But nature does refuse their demand.


As the celestial heat wave succumbs to twilight

Nocturnal denizens hiss and bay

Under constellations hunters commence the fight

For the strong to live another day.


With each days pass the circle unbroken

The animal and land meld into one

Of mountains and desert, lore has been spoken

In God’s own will be done.