Palest Of Blue Skies

Palest of blue skies

Streaked with a whisper of white,

Sun blistering every surface.


Mountains scorched naked

Contrast with heaven

While blow dryer hot winds

Offer little relief.


Uninhabitable would this land be

Were it not for man’s interference,

Damming up the rivers

Turning arid earth to green.


Glorified by hollywood westerns

But in reality, this must have been like Hell.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Flowers Erupt

Flowers erupt from ancient granite

Butterflies float effortlessly as if on a cloud

Hummingbirds drink of sweet sweet nectar

Caring not if of hand or nature’s bloom

How odd in this hellish landscape

The thriving and blossoming of such beauty

Living harmonious amongst rattler and scorpion

Such contradictions, these unlikely bedfellows

Each with their own Divine purpose

Who are we to question this perfection

Perhaps this is the model for man to live by

A lesson that has been before us for eternity

But we were too blind or too arrogant to see


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


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Beautiful, succulent and fragrant

Petals of hot pink

Hiding angers scorn

Not so unlike a woman wronged

Fighting back with female wiles

Resisting with all her might

Bondage of natures torture

Scarred and gnarled by fires storm

Starved and thirsted she lingers on

Reaching, reaching ever higher

Limbs reaching for heavens gate

‘Til chopped low to arid ground

Faking death only to rise from the ashes

Returning to her noble stance

Blooming in summer solstice

Bathed in perfumed flowers sweet

Leaves of green hide thorns to bleed

Arms reaching ever skyward

Praying for peace amongst hellish fury

Born to a life most undeserving

Troubled mistress Bougainvillea


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Savage Beauty

The crimson sky fumes with the rage of desert summer,

Turning springs flowers of gold and lavender to tawny dust.

Scorpion and rattler laze in awe,

Cherishing the warmth of the arid sun.

Cacti dot the plains, green and angry,

Breaking the monotony of the monochrome landscape.

Beneath even the most lovely of spouts lays a heart of bramble,

Drawing first blood from all but the sturdiest patron.

Lonesome ballads of the song dog eclipse the dark silence,

Howling teardrops rain upon the parched surface.

Rife with dwellers only dreamt of in nightmares,

Exotic, ghoulish, yet beautiful,

A vista both barren and thriving beckons.

Calling the adventurous to pay homage,

Genuflecting in respect to this alien canvas.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~