Brothers (Acrostic)

Blood is thicker than water,

Remember the old saying,

Oftentimes we are guilty of forgetting.

The invisible ties that bind cannot be broken,

How hard we try, it matters not.

Eternity knows what only we can share,

Regardless of our differences, neither

Strife nor distance can break us apart.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Left For Dead (Sonnet)

Flayed like road kill quivering

Unseen and left for dead

On black, cold asphalt shivering

A crack upside the head

From gaping wounds bleeding

A gasp for one last breath

The feel of life receding

Assured most certain death

The black it grows darker still

No longer knowing this place

Sounds they fade and silence fills

The whole of dying minds space

In an instant the sun shines bright

As gentle hands draw me to the light


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



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Beautiful, succulent and fragrant

Petals of hot pink

Hiding angers scorn

Not so unlike a woman wronged

Fighting back with female wiles

Resisting with all her might

Bondage of natures torture

Scarred and gnarled by fires storm

Starved and thirsted she lingers on

Reaching, reaching ever higher

Limbs reaching for heavens gate

‘Til chopped low to arid ground

Faking death only to rise from the ashes

Returning to her noble stance

Blooming in summer solstice

Bathed in perfumed flowers sweet

Leaves of green hide thorns to bleed

Arms reaching ever skyward

Praying for peace amongst hellish fury

Born to a life most undeserving

Troubled mistress Bougainvillea


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Demon’s Pawn – A Dark Poem

Echos cascade off these grey stony walls,

Eerie howls toll down shadow darkened halls.

What is the source I would not venture a guess,

Haunting the days into night as it falls.


Hearing their cries during every waking hour,

Crimson eyes glare from medieval watch tower.

Diverting away, surely this mustn’t be real,

With cape drawn up tight beneath I do cower.


Dashing from the castle to my cottage I must run,

Hoping for arrival before the setting of the sun.

Horrors await those found wandering after dark,

Til vengeance be exacted once the terror has begun.


Legend doth tell of the rising of the dead,

Of innocent and guilty who lost their heads.

By creature or demon no one can be sure,

Hide we all did behind locked doors and under beds.


Obscured by shadow and cover of the night,

The beast waged it’s terror hidden from sight.

Unsuspecting victims their lives it did take,

Expressions on their faces was one of pure fright.


How to defend against one you can’t see,

Nowhere is safe were the cries with mercies plea.

Huddled, crouched and muffled in pure fear,

Imaginations run wild, dear God what can it be.


Screams in the distance carried under darkened moon,

Praying for sunrise it can’t come too soon.

As quick as the screams rose they came to an end,

Silence was broken by the song of the oon.


The new day awoke no more need to hide,

Slowly, cautiously door unbolted we went outside.

Blood splattered drag marks we were led on our way,

At the horrible sight women fainted, men cried.


Hanging from a tree bow with nearly severed head,

Hung the body of a stranger mangled, bloodied and dead.

The demon he had struck in a most savage way,

Stringing up the innocent into thin air he then fled.


No footprints nor trace of which way he did leave,

Lowering to the ground for the poor man we did grieve.

Time had passed so quickly as nighttime fast approached,

Picking up the victim for burial we did heave.


Laying him to rest for darkness we prepared,

No one spoke a word of the terror that we shared.

Another night of evil behind bolt and hardened doors,

Hoping to survive proving the Lord our God had cared.


Have mercy on the traveler that knows not what goes on,

The devil lurking in the woods we’re praying that he’s gone.

For centuries we’ve done the same with always the same answer,

In this land of demon’s folly we are nothing but his pawns.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Blackness and Dread – A Dark Poem

Blackness and dread have come over me,

I know not for how much longer I can resist.

Something unnatural here has staked claim to my soul;

Amongst these damp, dark, mossy castle walls

Light of day does little to diminish my fear.

I can feel it’s presence whilst awake and in slumber,

It speaks to me, taunting me to do unspeakable evil.

I am not the monster this darkness wishes me to be

Tho’ I fear I must be going mad!

I have called on God for strength, but to no avail

He has left me to my own voice.

My wife of O’ these many years fears me,

I am not the man I was,

I have paled, the purple beneath my eyes ages me.

Venturing into the night with nary a word nor explanation

I remember this not, tho’ my clothing doth bear evidence.

I wake to incessant scoffing yet am utterly alone outside of my bed,

Is my mind playing tricks on me,

What have I done, where have I gone?

My shirt dotted in crimson, bloody knife sheathed at my waist,

My hands painted scarlet speak of some unconscious evil.

I have never…could never hurt a living soul,

Yet this throbbing in my skull,

These incessant nightmares claim otherwise.

What I see in my minds eye disgusts me, tho’ I am horrifyingly intrigued.

Screams, shrill and bloodcurdling haunt me.

I can see the faces of females I have never known

Yet they lay at my feet, faces contorted in terror.

I am looking down upon myself and my bloodied hands

These women have been disemboweled,

Steam rising from their flayed vessels in the cold night air,

I laugh heartily at their horrific demise.

These are just dreams!

Nay! They are but nightmares, figments of an active imagination!

They must be!

But my hands bear witness to my dreams.

They are but one and the same, though I know not how.

What have I done, why must I be tormented?

Clearly God has forsaken me!

I dare not show my face beyond these castle walls,

I dare not reveal what I have truly become to my wife and children;

I have become a pariah to my family and this world,

I am ashamed!

Voices chortle saying, “You know what you must do!”,

“Join us! Join us!”.

This pain hath become unbearable,

Pounding, pounding, unceasing, these voices.

Hand drawn to the knife handle I contemplate my end.

The hammer continues to beat upon my temple

As the beat of a drum, constant and rhythmic.

Drawing blade from sheath I tremble, I know what I must do,

Whilst the voices drone on in their monotone “Join us!”.

Lips quivering, eyes tearing, I long for my prior life,

My family, my mind void of this Satan, but it is not to be.

To the hilt, I drive the blood caked knife through my throbbing temple.

Black…Nothing but blackness,

Still there is pain,

The pounding,

The hammering,

Forever tormented even in death,

Surely I must be cursed to hell.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Tale Of The Jersey Devil – A Dark Poem

The wind it howled through dark of night

Father stammering in paralyzing fright

He hid me deep in closet bare

Eyes wide open through slats I stare


The growl it came on putrid breath

I feared the end a gruesome death

Father held tight as the door it rattled

Futile to fend an unnatural battle


Slowly the door it did part from it’s frame

Demon’s eye I see glowing red as a flame

Father held tight, just as tight as he could

But he knew in short order his strength fail it would


The beast it did shriek as father fell to the floor

Claws round his throat he threw father at the door

With a horrible thud bleeding and prone

Father lay silent and I cowered alone


I could see cloven feet moving this way and that

Flapping leathery wings as if clipped from a bat

It spit as it growled from between fang laden jaws

Destroying our cottage with yellow curled claws


It’s face was not human, nor of beast of the earth

Larger than a man in it’s height and it’s girth

The horns that did sprout from the top of his head

Certain in a moment I surely be dead


It clawed at the closet breaking slat after slat

‘Til the drool from it’s fangs fell inside pitter-pat

I curled in the corner as best that I could

Live another night I prayed to God that I would


The stink of the devil almost more than I could bare

As lice and maggots fell from his feathers and his hair

With one longing screech as spit ran down the wall

I closed my eyes and held my breath as the satan’s tail did fall


Then as fast as it came it turned and did run

Back into the pines from whence it did come

Leaving claw marks and stench behind in it’s wake

This night we were lucky for no life did it take


Battered and bloodied was my father its true

No worse was I for the terror gone through

This story’s been told, handed down through the ages

Written in books filling volumes of pages


Still there are those who refuse to believe

‘Til receive they a visit on one dark moonless eve

Jersey Devil of the pines unannounced makes his call

The season matters not winter, spring, summer or fall


The son of Mrs. Leeds, cursed long before birth

Banished to the forest amongst pine and marshy firth

Spawn of the Devil to live immortal life

Its best to guard your sons and daughters and your wife.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

This poem is based on the Jersey Devil, the longest lasting piece of lore in the state of New Jersey, originating in 1735. This website, WeirdNJ gives one rendering of what the Jersey Devil is supposed to look like along with a good bit of information about it’s origination and actual sightings of the devil.

I grew up in this area and lived there until about 12 years ago. It is an absolutely beautiful area along the southern coast of New Jersey, that is of course unless it is nighttime and you are lost in the Pine Barrens.

The Vultures (A Dark Poem)

The Vulture

The Vulture

Those birds, those horrid blood sucking birds

Circling overhead, their red collared necks deep crimson in the setting sun.

Sensing the departure of spirit and will,

Waiting for the living to become lifeless,

Relishing the coming of death.

What morbid creatures are these, heartless and soulless.

Lying here, is this to be my last vision,

This hideous species of fowl

Bent of emptying my sockets, disemboweling me,

A meal for the taking.

Impaled by the prey I so stealthily sought,

Victim of my own arrogance.

Alone and lonely, shielded in blood soaked clothes

Most certainly this is not the end I envisioned.

What of my loving wife,

What will become of my children,

What of?

They circle…

Lower now, they smell the end is near,

Smell of death is in the air, death is inevitable.

Cold is setting in, the end is close.

Swooping low, these maggots, they torture me,

Flapping of their wings, stench of rotting flesh.

Daylight is fading,

I am so tired, so cold, so at peace.

Do what you will my relentless tormentors;

My family will remember me as I was not as I am,

A poor wretch soon to be torn and scattered,

Nothing but a whisper on the four winds.

Take me O’ winged beasts, take me now!

My time has come,



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Hell’s Minion – A Dark Poem

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A mist lay o’er the old town square,

As candles flicker in cottage eyes,

To venture out, no one may dare,

Emboldened fool will surely die.


In darkened night the moon lay black,

Unearthly pitch to ward off man,

Fear for those who’ve not come back,

Fell prey to Satan’s ghastly plan.


Yon forest breaths the caw of crows,

Hoot Owls cry echoes resound,

In what direction no one knows,

From high above the mossy ground.


What Hell bestowed on sky and earth,

In shrill and curdling scream,

Instilled by evils wretched birth,

Unfurled in nightmarish dream.


The butcher lay to weed us out,

His sickle bathed in blood and spoils,

Gullet cut, no voice to shout,

Easy prey…Nay! sweatless toil.


Demon cloaked in onyx murk,

Ne’er seen with mortal’s naked view,

O’ terror, we shan’t let caution shirk,

Vigilant we must all struggle through.


Pray to God the sun will rise,

Beseech the villain back to Hell,

Look upon Heaven to flay disguise,

Release from prison where we dwell.


Still sun will set and night will grow,

No closer to trapping the horrid beast,

In faces of strangers and kin we know,

Who next be the blood bathed gory feast.


A tap at the door…whom by God could it be,

Overwhelmed with the play of the mind,

Ever slow did I open through pitch could not see,

Peeking head ‘round the door from behind.


Twas it wind, or rain, mayhaps a stone at it threw,

I presumed was a knock at the door,

Mustered courage did I gather to do what I must do,

As I shuffled myself to the porch.


An icy chill did rise, up the length of my spine,

As the door slammed behind me with haste,

Extinguishing candles, immersing me blind,

Backing up in my steps I did trace.


My next to last step to my knees did I fall,

At the boots of a figure in black,

Turning ‘round, sure to face my funeral pall,

To the side of my head he did crack.


Taste of blood on my lips, as the iron from a fire,

Blurred vision as I’m yanked by my hair,

To my feet I was dragged to the square of the shire,

Say a word, nay I wouldn’t have dared.


In silence, with strength this devil held tight,

Pray I did, for my soul to please save,

As courage I gathered with all of my might,

I begged for my death to be staved.


With sickle in hand I knew time was through,

Pay the piper for sins of my youth,

Upright and firm, though in pain it was true,

In death sins be hidden from truth.


Blade razor sharp from my neck blood did fall,

Crimson rivers down my chest it did spill,

A stroke from the edge warm and tired was all,

Up to God I commit all my will.


When daybreak did come to reveal gruesome site,

To Hell where the demon had fled,

Nary trace did he leave from his pitch darkened flight,

Except for the shire dwellers head.


A century on, Satan’s minion ne’er captured,

Legend passed down through third generations,

Unsettled and fearful still awaiting the rapture,

Asking God for consoling libations.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~