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Beautiful, succulent and fragrant

Petals of hot pink

Hiding angers scorn

Not so unlike a woman wronged

Fighting back with female wiles

Resisting with all her might

Bondage of natures torture

Scarred and gnarled by fires storm

Starved and thirsted she lingers on

Reaching, reaching ever higher

Limbs reaching for heavens gate

‘Til chopped low to arid ground

Faking death only to rise from the ashes

Returning to her noble stance

Blooming in summer solstice

Bathed in perfumed flowers sweet

Leaves of green hide thorns to bleed

Arms reaching ever skyward

Praying for peace amongst hellish fury

Born to a life most undeserving

Troubled mistress Bougainvillea


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Rose

The rose,

Petals clutched tight,

Withholds the beauty of it’s flower.


Quietly she waits,

While lovers challenge for affection,

In hopes of unlocking her secrets.


She does not reveal these secrets easily,

Preferring games,

Teasing those hoping to have the key.


While the courtship continues,

She revels in the chaos,

Hiding what lays behind her silken robes.


She is not modest,

Nor shy in spite of appearance,

Instead she is a manipulator.


Prickly and pretentious,

Gladly drawing first blood,

Before confessing her undying love.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~