Gone (Triple Tetractys)


My Youth

My Freedom

The adventure

Giving way to a cautious existence


The price we pay for our maturation

If we let it






Rise up


Your days gone by

While breathing it is not too late to live


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

I Chase After My Shadow

Ball Boy by Chris Jones

I chase after my shadow in hopes of pouncing

Its direction changing with each passing hour

In pursuit of the reddest of red balls bouncing

As red as reddest rose the tenderest flower


To what purpose I know you’re most surely asking

How foolish this boy I know it seems

Dreams of tag and dodgeball basking

Ear-to-ear my smile brightly gleams


A child at heart I choose to savor

Otherwise old and boring I’d be

Easily at home with juvenile behavior

Young in my mind and heart you can see


How simple it is a boy and his ball

A game for one or many to play

Toss up and catch or bounce off the wall

It doesn’t really matter, it’s fun either way


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Jem Farmer – The Boi Poet Monday ‘s Masterpiece 21 October Prompt

Silly Boys and Girls

Silly boys, they laugh and they giggle,

Silly girls in their skirts they do wiggle.

The girls laugh and point at the giggling boys,

As they make funny noises playing with their toys.

The girls turn away when they see the boys gawk,

The boys chase the girls with the speed of a hawk.

The boys yell and taunt as the girls run away,

The girls round the schoolyard away from them they stay.

Huffing and puffing the boys give up chase,

The girls in their stocking feet ran away with the race.

The boys and the girls in playgrounds and yards,

Laughing and singing, life was not hard.

This innocence squandered to the aging of youth,

Maybe in children we adults can find our lost truth.

Wouldn’t this be such wonderful thing,

Removing from stress, it’s life zapping sting.

There’s much we can learn from our children at play,

Like how to have fun each and every day.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

To Be A Child Again

Image Credit: fastcompany.com

Image Credit: fastcompany.com

Do you ever reminisce about your childhood?

Rockem-Sockem Robots, Spirograph, Lincoln Logs,

Candy cigarettes, wax lips, pixie sticks,

Banana seats on bikes, slick tires and sissy bars,

Bell bottoms, Converse, crew cuts,

Bouffants, Brill Cream, electric rollers,

Station wagons, record players, eight tracks,

No seat belts, no car seats, laying on the rear deck

to see out the back window,

Sneaking your parents smokes

And maybe their booze,

Just for fun,

Never worrying for our safety.

Do you ever reminisce about your childhood?

I do.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Rose

The rose,

Petals clutched tight,

Withholds the beauty of it’s flower.


Quietly she waits,

While lovers challenge for affection,

In hopes of unlocking her secrets.


She does not reveal these secrets easily,

Preferring games,

Teasing those hoping to have the key.


While the courtship continues,

She revels in the chaos,

Hiding what lays behind her silken robes.


She is not modest,

Nor shy in spite of appearance,

Instead she is a manipulator.


Prickly and pretentious,

Gladly drawing first blood,

Before confessing her undying love.

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~