Gone (Triple Tetractys)


My Youth

My Freedom

The adventure

Giving way to a cautious existence


The price we pay for our maturation

If we let it






Rise up


Your days gone by

While breathing it is not too late to live


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Events, Cohabitors of Life’s Stage

Events, cohabitors of life’s stage,

Script our actions like the strings of the puppeteer.

We are helpless, dribbling fools

In the glaring light of potential tragedy.

With nary a warning, change can be thrust upon us,

Rendering us helpless like children.

How awful the feeling,

Being strangled by crises uninvited, we succumb.

What does the universe want from us,

Constantly testing our resolve,

Raining on our parade ‘til we drown;

Then as if a cruel joke, tragedy is replaced by joy,

Happiness diluting stress.

Not that we ever hoped for the worst,

But that it had never transpired at all.

In retrospect doesn’t this all go toward our maturation;

Making us whole, defining who we are

And who we will become.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Is Being “Father” Enough

Is being “Father” enough?

Looking into the face of the son, I’m not sure who I see;

Some of me, some of his mother,

But these are just physical traits.

He has lived a life far different from my own,

Seen and done things that I have never seen or done

Lived the horrors of war,

Witnessed the worst of mankind,

Traveled through the world with a bullseye on his back.

How could this not demand change,

A change that I will never understand?

Me…I’ve sat in my easy chair;

Warm, dry, safe,

Worrying for his safety,

Praying for him to come home.

I read the ticker at the bottom of the screen

Announcing without emotion those that would not return;

Thankful for the call that never came.

Is being “Father” enough?

I cannot alter what was,

Cannot erase what he has seen,

Cannot live his life.

We seem to have less in common these days,

Though I am certain that this is more my problem than his.

Is being “Father” enough?

I suppose that it will have to be.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Venture Into This World (Sonnet)

Venture into this world with a free and open mind

Let not negativity toward spirit corrupt

As the old saying goes “Seek and ye shall find”

Push onward and never give up


This world–an oyster–is yours to discover

The wonders and mysteries await

Secrets yet unknown are yours to uncover

As curiosity and passion conflate


Do not ever doubt your pureness of heart

Or your ability to achieve in this world

There is so much ahead before time to depart

Let this tapestry of life be unfurled


If ever you feel that you’re mired and afraid

Know I’m here, through your successes I’m repaid


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile, a tender face like your mothers,

A generous heart, we should not compare to the others.

You are not them, you are you, wonderous you,

Be proud of that, forever and ever remain true.

Though mistakes will be made my youngest one…

Know in your soul that you are the light of my day, my morning sun.

Judged more harshly than your sister or brother,

This was not my intention, I would never hope for another.

You are perfectly perfect just the way you are,

Bright as the celestial comet or a shooting star.

In your own way, you bring joy to me with every passing day,

Your laugh, sense of humor, funny faces, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Each of you was born into this world with a gift,

Though oftentimes elusive when ensconced in siblings rift.

This is how it always is and how it has always been,

Its just how humans are, it has never been a sin.

Some are born with smart of book, others with common sense,

Some are gilded with a gift of the arts, while some remain on the fence.

This my sweet–is not a defect or a flaw instilled at birth,

Nor a judgement of your character, or a measure of your worth.

For you are worth the world to me, in all you are with your spirit free,

As I watch you mature and grow to become who you will be.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Crack In The Sidewalk

Cracks in this decrepit sidewalk,

Jagged…from narrow to wide to narrow again,

Desolate except for the weeds that call them home.


I tread carefully, almost gingerly,

To avoid bridging the divide,

To avoid crushing the resilient squatters.


Fragile are their tender shoots,

Breaking at the slightest tug,

Recoiling back into the safety of the crevasse.

Wounded they wait for confidence to return,

Only then rearing their heads above the horizon,

This act plays out continuously until the final stand.


The final stand when ripped out by the root,

Poisoned ‘til they shrivel up and die,

Or trampled to oblivion.


Stunted and savaged,

We will never know for sure

Whether they be weeds

…Or perhaps the most beautiful of wildflowers.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~