Venture Into This World (Sonnet)

Venture into this world with a free and open mind

Let not negativity toward spirit corrupt

As the old saying goes “Seek and ye shall find”

Push onward and never give up


This world–an oyster–is yours to discover

The wonders and mysteries await

Secrets yet unknown are yours to uncover

As curiosity and passion conflate


Do not ever doubt your pureness of heart

Or your ability to achieve in this world

There is so much ahead before time to depart

Let this tapestry of life be unfurled


If ever you feel that you’re mired and afraid

Know I’m here, through your successes I’m repaid


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Curiosity, Friend or Foe

At times a troublemaker,

Like the kid up the street,

Always wanting to pick a fight.

Not for any reason really…

Just curious.


Is it friend or foe?


On both counts. Yes!

What discoveries might have been lost?

What cures for disease,

Missions to the moon,

Lost civilizations,

Were it not for man’s insatiable appetite?

But at times our hunger kills the cat.

With chemical warfare,

Nuclear bombs,

And crime.

All because,

We were just…


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Beneath the Shell

Credit -

Credit –

By D. R. DiFrancesco


We look upon this world as an oyster

Rough, hard and jagged to the touch

Awash with the dirt and grit of life’s tribulations

It lies burrowed in the muck to hide from conflict

Still we claw and rake in the filth for the treasure it holds

Drawing it out from the safety of it’s dingy home

It’s shell is not easily unlocked

Clamped down tightly to protect itself from pain

Reluctantly the shell is pried open

Gradually and over time we are revealed

In a flood our surroundings rush in

Exposing virgin skin to the unfamiliar

Joy and excitement replace reluctance

What wonder is found in discovering your dreams

For beneath the newly uncovered flesh

Lies the pearl you have been longing for

The Grand Discovery

My reflection in the mirror,

A vision of the anti-me,

Not of flesh and blood,

Who am I?

What defines me?

A grandson,

A son,

A husband,

A parent,

I am all of these,

And yet I am none of these,

Reaching inside myself,

My essence floods over me,

I am so much more.

A poet,

A musician,

A story teller,

A friend,

Passionate and compassionate,

Creative and thoughtful,

Not merely what I outwardly project.

Yet who am I,

That remains a question for which I have no answer,

Ever evolving, I am constantly reborn,

Constantly discovering and rediscovering,

That which makes me…me.