The Optimist

Who we are right now,

Will become a shadow,

A flashback to who we are.

We evolve by the second,

We can change who we are in an instant,

Becoming someone reinvented,

Exhibiting new talents,

Changing how we represent ourselves,

Born anew.

The person we had always dreamed we’d be,

All by our thoughts and efforts.

We are who we want to be because we will it,

Making demands on ourselves and our circumstances.

We force the people and things surrounding us to change,

Or we change the people and things around us.

Either way we are reborn.

The person we were yesterday is no more,

Say hello to the contemporary you.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Beneath the Shell

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By D. R. DiFrancesco


We look upon this world as an oyster

Rough, hard and jagged to the touch

Awash with the dirt and grit of life’s tribulations

It lies burrowed in the muck to hide from conflict

Still we claw and rake in the filth for the treasure it holds

Drawing it out from the safety of it’s dingy home

It’s shell is not easily unlocked

Clamped down tightly to protect itself from pain

Reluctantly the shell is pried open

Gradually and over time we are revealed

In a flood our surroundings rush in

Exposing virgin skin to the unfamiliar

Joy and excitement replace reluctance

What wonder is found in discovering your dreams

For beneath the newly uncovered flesh

Lies the pearl you have been longing for

Dismissing Destiny

By D. R. DiFrancesco


To face the truth

One must face what they fear most

What’s uncomfortable builds character

Strengthens every fiber of their being

You cannot grow physically or spiritually alone

Cradled in your convenient cocoon

To break out and take wing you must fall

Close your eyes

Step over the edge into the unknown

Destiny beckons you forward

Choosing to live life in a net of safety disappoints

Conceiving regret as it’s progeny

This is not living, it is merely existing

We are meant to do and become what we dream

No boundaries can contain you

Was not every great achievement born of an impossible vision

Laughed upon by those with no imagination

Dare to persevere

Do not let those of a narrow mind stifle you

Your greatness lies on the road just ahead

In this you can be assured

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