In Life As In Death There Is Anonymity

In life as in death there is anonymity.

Do we really know anyone?

Do we really know their inner thoughts,

Their hopes and fears,

The crazy chaos of irrational notions

That swirl tornadic within?


We live amongst close strangers.

We call them friends, relatives, lovers.

We dine with them,

We commune with them,

We sleep with them,

We make love to them,

But we never really know them.


In life as in death there is anonymity

Just like a Potter’s field.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Looking Through The Haze

The Dove - Alex Alemany

The Dove – Alex Alemany

Looking through the haze toward distant shores,

She knows that her love is here no more.

“Lost at sea” the cable said,

Whereabouts unknown they presumed him dead,

But nothing on earth or in heaven can quell,

Her hope against hope it was wrong what they tell.

Still the solitary dove of the purest of white,

Could not quench her anguish as day turned to night.

With palm against pane her pain tore too much,

At the strings of her heart he could no longer touch.

Then a tear weaved its way down her fair tender cheek,

As the knot in her throat silenced her effort to speak.

All she could do was weep for him that was lost,

Ne’er to give up no matter the cost.

She promised him her love forever and all time,

To him and him alone his memory enshrined.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Prompt: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie – Photo Prompt #7 – “The Dove”

What Awaits

I do not pretend, to know the truth,

Anymore than you…or the sun…or the moon,

Proving nothing short of ignorance otherwise.


What I do know, is that death is inevitable;

Whether life be a second, a minute or decades,

Of this I am certain.


Just as I am certain of my origin;

Beyond progeny…beyond paternity,

My essence existed before that of this earthly vessel,

And will certainly continue beyond it’s worldly demise,

Our human science has assured.


I am, however steeped in uncertainty,

Uncertain of what lay in wait after this finite adventure.


Will I be swallowed by consuming blackness,

Drifting endlessly…disjointedly into nothingness?


Will I be welcomed at Heaven’s pearled gates,

Greeted with open arms into a paradise?


Maybe Hell hath set it’s sights on my mortal soul,

Repaying me for the sinful life I’ve led?


Or will my soul join with others

To live once again,

In the vessel of another of the newly-born?


These all, are questions of faith,

Your faith…my faith,

Questions for which I have no answers.


After a lifetime of curious inquiry,

I hold no greater insight into the afterlife,

Than were so endowed in me at my birth.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Beneath the Shell

Credit -

Credit –

By D. R. DiFrancesco


We look upon this world as an oyster

Rough, hard and jagged to the touch

Awash with the dirt and grit of life’s tribulations

It lies burrowed in the muck to hide from conflict

Still we claw and rake in the filth for the treasure it holds

Drawing it out from the safety of it’s dingy home

It’s shell is not easily unlocked

Clamped down tightly to protect itself from pain

Reluctantly the shell is pried open

Gradually and over time we are revealed

In a flood our surroundings rush in

Exposing virgin skin to the unfamiliar

Joy and excitement replace reluctance

What wonder is found in discovering your dreams

For beneath the newly uncovered flesh

Lies the pearl you have been longing for