What Awaits

I do not pretend, to know the truth,

Anymore than you…or the sun…or the moon,

Proving nothing short of ignorance otherwise.


What I do know, is that death is inevitable;

Whether life be a second, a minute or decades,

Of this I am certain.


Just as I am certain of my origin;

Beyond progeny…beyond paternity,

My essence existed before that of this earthly vessel,

And will certainly continue beyond it’s worldly demise,

Our human science has assured.


I am, however steeped in uncertainty,

Uncertain of what lay in wait after this finite adventure.


Will I be swallowed by consuming blackness,

Drifting endlessly…disjointedly into nothingness?


Will I be welcomed at Heaven’s pearled gates,

Greeted with open arms into a paradise?


Maybe Hell hath set it’s sights on my mortal soul,

Repaying me for the sinful life I’ve led?


Or will my soul join with others

To live once again,

In the vessel of another of the newly-born?


These all, are questions of faith,

Your faith…my faith,

Questions for which I have no answers.


After a lifetime of curious inquiry,

I hold no greater insight into the afterlife,

Than were so endowed in me at my birth.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

19 thoughts on “What Awaits

  1. Loved this line “Will I be swallowed by consuming blackness, Drifting endlessly…disjointedly into nothingness?” Really spoke to me. Excellent piece

    • Thank you and thank you for the nomination, I honestly do appreciate it. I so bad and slow at updating these, but I promise to get to it. You are so kind for doing this. 🙂

      • yeh! you found it!

        yes, they do take a awhile – but this one is really quite different. no questions to answer or conjure. pretty cool actually and you really do embody the HUG award.

  2. Such a simple idea, all those questions, no answers, at least no one seems to know for sure, even if they claim to LOL Really enjoyed this. If the CA Psychics do give ya answers, let me know … I might be interested in calling them, but then again, as someone else said, do we REALLY want to know or just be surprised? Keep writing, I’ll keep reading!

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my poem. I vote for surprise, I guess deep down I really don’t want to know. I’ll let you know how the CA Psychics do. My guess is no better than you or I. 🙂

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