Caligula Though Tyrant He Be

Caligula though tyrant he be, is not so unlike my chaotic mind,

Burned to the ground like Nero’s Rome, a cure oh so difficult to find.

Cries to the almighty gods, heaven sent go unanswered,

Eating at my senses and sanity like a cancer.

Why is it that the clarity of thought so often goes awry

When focus eludes me no matter how I try.

Is this a curse–a symptom of a troubled body and soul,

I know not, still it leaves me feeling less than whole.

Most fortunate to me is that it never long lasts,

A matter of hours or days is all it takes to pass.

Yet this is of no less a concern and satisfies me little,

Stunting my spirit like knife to wood wittle.

Alone I am not of this I am certain,

As this diatribe ends and I bring down the curtain.

Praying that soon this too will vanish,

Returning to me clarity from whence it was banished.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


What Awaits

I do not pretend, to know the truth,

Anymore than you…or the sun…or the moon,

Proving nothing short of ignorance otherwise.


What I do know, is that death is inevitable;

Whether life be a second, a minute or decades,

Of this I am certain.


Just as I am certain of my origin;

Beyond progeny…beyond paternity,

My essence existed before that of this earthly vessel,

And will certainly continue beyond it’s worldly demise,

Our human science has assured.


I am, however steeped in uncertainty,

Uncertain of what lay in wait after this finite adventure.


Will I be swallowed by consuming blackness,

Drifting endlessly…disjointedly into nothingness?


Will I be welcomed at Heaven’s pearled gates,

Greeted with open arms into a paradise?


Maybe Hell hath set it’s sights on my mortal soul,

Repaying me for the sinful life I’ve led?


Or will my soul join with others

To live once again,

In the vessel of another of the newly-born?


These all, are questions of faith,

Your faith…my faith,

Questions for which I have no answers.


After a lifetime of curious inquiry,

I hold no greater insight into the afterlife,

Than were so endowed in me at my birth.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~