Tragedies Shadow

Tragedies shadow

Looms large over the fallen

Raining blood and tears

Some choose to help, some to pray

Some choose to turn a blind eye

Or no choice at all

Afraid it might be too real

Who am I to judge

I cannot speak for others

As I do not know their pain


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I Long For Silent Sleep

I long for silent sleep
Where dreams take holiday
And nightmares cower in their tombs.
Oh how I have prayed for the abolition of my demons
Banishing them back to Hell,
But I am weak and afraid.
They claw at me in my waking hours
And draw blood in my slumber.
I am but a frightened child
Bowing to their every whim.
To fight them can only encourage pain,
A pain suffered more than once o’er’ these many years.
So I deny the monsters that haunt me;
Pretending that all is well
While I await their next onslaught.

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Do Not Cower in Darkness (Cyclical Rubaiyet)

Do not cower in darkness, in this imaginary fear

The black is nothing but starkness, in one’s own mind my dear

A thing of fairytales and nursery rhymes and legends of all kinds

Impotent in daylights harshness, our worries disappear


Oh…the tricks and fears we dream with our active mind

No matter how many tears we cry there are always more to find

Dry your eyes my little one, for none of this is real

As daylight wanes, evening nears, dreams and nightmares intertwined


Time will tell that all is well, for I know quite how you feel,

Bedtime comes to room you dwell, to God you pray and kneel

With deepest hope your wishes and dreams most in earnest hear

Before you know as parent this same to your own children heal


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


AUTHORS NOT: This poem was inspired and modeled after the Persian Rubaiyet form introduced to me by Jen over at Blog It or Lose It, please check out her blog, I think you will enjoy it.

Dearest Me

Dearest me…

What have you been afraid of all these years?

Just look at all the damage you’ve done!

Your fear of failure caused us to fail.

Your fear of rejection filled us with loneliness.

Your fear of disappointment stymied enjoyment.

Your fear of intimacy sustained our solitude.

Your fear of hurt built our hardened facade.

Your fear of living has stunted our life.

Your fear of dying has fueled an unending search.

Your fear, your fear, our fear…

What more do I want from me?

Have we not shed enough blood,

Given our pound of flesh,

Enough for a lifetime?

Wake up and smell the roses

We’ve been standing in this garden all our life

But we’ve been too afraid to see it.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

 I originally wrote this as my submission for the WDBWP Monday poetry prompt, but then realized it wasn’t the correct form.  I still liked the poem so I thought I would post it anyway.