Dearest Me

Dearest me…

What have you been afraid of all these years?

Just look at all the damage you’ve done!

Your fear of failure caused us to fail.

Your fear of rejection filled us with loneliness.

Your fear of disappointment stymied enjoyment.

Your fear of intimacy sustained our solitude.

Your fear of hurt built our hardened facade.

Your fear of living has stunted our life.

Your fear of dying has fueled an unending search.

Your fear, your fear, our fear…

What more do I want from me?

Have we not shed enough blood,

Given our pound of flesh,

Enough for a lifetime?

Wake up and smell the roses

We’ve been standing in this garden all our life

But we’ve been too afraid to see it.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

 I originally wrote this as my submission for the WDBWP Monday poetry prompt, but then realized it wasn’t the correct form.  I still liked the poem so I thought I would post it anyway.

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