Dearest Me

Dearest me…

What have you been afraid of all these years?

Just look at all the damage you’ve done!

Your fear of failure caused us to fail.

Your fear of rejection filled us with loneliness.

Your fear of disappointment stymied enjoyment.

Your fear of intimacy sustained our solitude.

Your fear of hurt built our hardened facade.

Your fear of living has stunted our life.

Your fear of dying has fueled an unending search.

Your fear, your fear, our fear…

What more do I want from me?

Have we not shed enough blood,

Given our pound of flesh,

Enough for a lifetime?

Wake up and smell the roses

We’ve been standing in this garden all our life

But we’ve been too afraid to see it.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

 I originally wrote this as my submission for the WDBWP Monday poetry prompt, but then realized it wasn’t the correct form.  I still liked the poem so I thought I would post it anyway.

Don’t You Ever Learn (Epistle)

WDBWP Monday Poetry Prompt #22: What Would You Say to You?



Don’t you ever learn

You spent our childhood always trying to please others

But where did that get you

What about pleasing us

What about it


Our teen years weren’t much different

Still trying to please the same people

Ignoring what we wanted

You acted like some kind of martyr

I don’t remember anyone asking for it


We had things we wanted to do

Sports, career, dreams that should have been a reality

And what did we do

We didn’t follow through

We ignored our own desires


Whose fault was this

It was nobodies but ours

To blame anyone else would be a lie

We didn’t stand up for what we wanted

So shut up and deal with it


Its nice though that we finally wised up

At least a little…maybe

We didn’t turn out half bad

We got smart and realized we missed her

And did something about it before she got away for good


She’s put up with us now for over 24 years

And hasn’t killed us yet

Although we probably deserved it

A long time ago

We can be high maintenance you know


And our children

What can we say

Thank God, the stars, dumb luck that they are great kids

The greatest treasure we could have asked for

A blessing if there ever was one


I’m thankful that they didn’t turn out like us

Well–At least not entirely

They did get some of their mother’s traits

Mostly the good ones…quiet she might be listening

Really, they don’t know how lucky they are


After all is said-and-done

We should be happy with how things turned out

Family is what is important

In spite of us we are doing pretty darn well in that area

A loving wife, wonderful children and a comfortable life


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

I Am

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This imperfect surface

Skin, hair, nails is not me

I am in my head

Emotion, hopes, dreams, ambitions

Wrapped in this disposable package

No bottle can contain what can’t be seen

Cut me and I bleed, red and warm

Still you’ve taken nothing from me

I have not been altered

Love, compassion, disgust

Strong as before, they did not seep from the wound

It may scar, raised and ugly, but I surely will heal

These afflictions are but temporary

Simple setbacks that only strengthen my character

You trip me

The fall leaves me scraped and bruised

Black, blue and painful to the touch

This is not the first time I have fallen

Most certainly I will fall again, this is part of life

Scraps heal and bruises will disappear without a trace

And I will continue on, a better person for the experience

Passion, sadness, tenacity, empathy

These help define the real me to the world

I am not the face you see on the street

I am not the clothes that I wear

I am not what I present to the naked eye

What I am is so much more

Masquerading behind what you observe

Look deeper, discard what you see

Take your time, a surprise awaits you

The treasure I offer is there for the taking

I will show you the real me if you are bold enough to ask

So ask, be bold

You will find that I am emotion, hopes, dreams, ambitions

I am love, compassion, disgust

I am passion, sadness, tenacity, empathy

And I am so much more

Not all that I am is good

I am imperfect in my humanness

Constantly evolving into who I want to be

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

The Grand Discovery

My reflection in the mirror,

A vision of the anti-me,

Not of flesh and blood,

Who am I?

What defines me?

A grandson,

A son,

A husband,

A parent,

I am all of these,

And yet I am none of these,

Reaching inside myself,

My essence floods over me,

I am so much more.

A poet,

A musician,

A story teller,

A friend,

Passionate and compassionate,

Creative and thoughtful,

Not merely what I outwardly project.

Yet who am I,

That remains a question for which I have no answer,

Ever evolving, I am constantly reborn,

Constantly discovering and rediscovering,

That which makes me…me.