Perfection (Acrostic)

Predisposed to this ideal

Ever seeking, ever clawing, ever failing

Reaching the peak only to slide down

Falling, falling, falling

Etched with scars we are chided

Corralled into striving for greater greatness

Tortured and tormented into anxiety

I am obligated, I cannot disappoint

Only to find their utopia just beyond reach

Never realizing you have been perfect all along


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco


Dormant Hopes

Dormant hopes plow headlong into the day

Exposing what should have been embarked upon long ago.


Fear and trepidation are expelled by confident reserve

Earned through years and experience.


Age’s limitations are banished

Realizing that age holds no boundary on dreams.


To succumb would be to admit paralyzing defeat,

This would be unacceptable.


Imagined consequences only serve to inhibit

Stunting our ability to progress toward true destiny.


For there is no failure in the journey made

Only in never having made the journey


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Very Human Success

I’ve longed for success,

Yet in my lifetime,

Remains elusive,

Each dream rescinds the previous,

Resurrecting new heights to aspire,

Settling for mediocrity would be surrender,

This is the human way,

Should we not instead be yearning for elation,

Our sole reason for being,

Instead of monetary wealth,

Finding happiness in work, love, life,

Treasures that cannot be bought,

Fools believe fulfillment lies in smelted gold,

Gold alone does nothing but poison the soul,

Hollowing out and destroying our hearts,

Becoming a false and idolatrous god,

Blinding us to true and lasting joy,

Perhaps success lies in simple things,

Very human things,




Love of one’s self must be realized,

For void of this one cannot offer love to another,

Maybe success is already in our grasp,

If we would just be thankful,


For all that we already possess.


If we were to look inside ourselves,

We would find that we have always been…


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~

Dismissing Destiny

By D. R. DiFrancesco


To face the truth

One must face what they fear most

What’s uncomfortable builds character

Strengthens every fiber of their being

You cannot grow physically or spiritually alone

Cradled in your convenient cocoon

To break out and take wing you must fall

Close your eyes

Step over the edge into the unknown

Destiny beckons you forward

Choosing to live life in a net of safety disappoints

Conceiving regret as it’s progeny

This is not living, it is merely existing

We are meant to do and become what we dream

No boundaries can contain you

Was not every great achievement born of an impossible vision

Laughed upon by those with no imagination

Dare to persevere

Do not let those of a narrow mind stifle you

Your greatness lies on the road just ahead

In this you can be assured

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Success – Haiku

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Hiding in shadows,

Scared of seeing the real you,

For fear of failure.


Draw on your beauty,

The lighthouse that will guide you,

To a brighter day.


Be strong little one,

Your essence makes you unique,

In all the world.


To strive for greatness,

Means sometimes you will stumble,

Rising to the top.