You Were Happy

You were happy–I saw it in your eyes

Dreams at your fingertips–unstoppable

Then I saw the flame flicker–extinguished

Snuffed out like a candle by judgement

You never rose again from the ashes

Your hopes and dreams cremated


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Mine Alone

These dreams, my dreams, mine alone,

Shared at will or hidden away,

Lived out to fruition or buried in my minds tomb,

My choice, mine alone.


Whether they live, whether they die is for me to decide,

They are my minions doing as I say, doing as I do,

Never questioning, never revolting, just being,

Mine to rule, mine alone.


Granted at birth, one with the essence,

Natural as breathing, the blood coursing through my veins,

Beholden to my whims, subject to my wishes,

Mine to shape, mine alone.


These dreams, my reality, my world,

All I know, all I truly possess,

They can never be taken from me, they are mine,

Mine alone.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Dormant Hopes

Dormant hopes plow headlong into the day

Exposing what should have been embarked upon long ago.


Fear and trepidation are expelled by confident reserve

Earned through years and experience.


Age’s limitations are banished

Realizing that age holds no boundary on dreams.


To succumb would be to admit paralyzing defeat,

This would be unacceptable.


Imagined consequences only serve to inhibit

Stunting our ability to progress toward true destiny.


For there is no failure in the journey made

Only in never having made the journey


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Passion of Politics and Religion

Of this, I am as guilty as the rest.

Topics varied as politics or religion,

Taught at an early age never to discuss,

These are like powerful earth magnets

To man’s simple mind.

I am of the opinion that no two subjects can be

any more divisive than these.

Turning the mildest of men into mortal enemies

with the slip of the tongue.

I am not immune to this foible,

At times a slip, whilst other times

Thrown in venomous rage.

Can any one of us claim to have not done the same?

If yes…then they most certainly are liars.

What astounds is the passion,

Like that ensconced in two young lovers,

that politics and religion invoke.

Taunting red-faced opponents to spar

In a Battle Royale.

I have been both victor and defeated

In these most epic of battles.

Still I have not been deterred,

For my conscience would not allow it.

I have been the red-faced.

I have raised, nay, shouted to drown out my adversary,

Unwilling to consider an alternate view.

Oh yes…I have been guilty of tossing civility aside,

Of mannerisms befitting a child.

Would not a civil conversation have borne greater fruit?

Perhaps…perhaps not.

I have, as yet,, been unable to reign in my passions.

Remaining a convict to my own convictions,

I hope to one day receive parole

To discuss my opinions with ardor and civility.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Another Years Pass

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Another page in a life has turned

To look back on what might have been

For hopes and dreams we fought and yearned

Have passed us by sight unseen.


Resolutions born to steer our path

Put forth with the best and greatest intention

Champagne and music and social laugh

In hopes of better days we’ve mentioned.


To morph our heart and soul required

Without we waste our solemn vows

A change of course to which we’ve aspired

Time grows shorter when failures allow.


Renew the mind and the body will follow

Our spirit thrives when visions align

Life will fill and no longer be hollow

When sadness and regrets fade and resign


Look toward the new year as an offer to grow

In spite of what you’ve let dissuade you

Strength and determination must be what you show

To face those that would trample imagination held true


Trust your heart and your dreams will flower

No new years pass or resolution will save them

Endowed at birth with the universal power

To design your future while burying failures condemned.


This strength you’ve had all this life that you’ve lived

Wound and ingrained into your very soul

Have courage to pursue all your passions not passive

For these are the things that make living life whole.