Passion of Politics and Religion

Of this, I am as guilty as the rest.

Topics varied as politics or religion,

Taught at an early age never to discuss,

These are like powerful earth magnets

To man’s simple mind.

I am of the opinion that no two subjects can be

any more divisive than these.

Turning the mildest of men into mortal enemies

with the slip of the tongue.

I am not immune to this foible,

At times a slip, whilst other times

Thrown in venomous rage.

Can any one of us claim to have not done the same?

If yes…then they most certainly are liars.

What astounds is the passion,

Like that ensconced in two young lovers,

that politics and religion invoke.

Taunting red-faced opponents to spar

In a Battle Royale.

I have been both victor and defeated

In these most epic of battles.

Still I have not been deterred,

For my conscience would not allow it.

I have been the red-faced.

I have raised, nay, shouted to drown out my adversary,

Unwilling to consider an alternate view.

Oh yes…I have been guilty of tossing civility aside,

Of mannerisms befitting a child.

Would not a civil conversation have borne greater fruit?

Perhaps…perhaps not.

I have, as yet,, been unable to reign in my passions.

Remaining a convict to my own convictions,

I hope to one day receive parole

To discuss my opinions with ardor and civility.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

10 thoughts on “Passion of Politics and Religion

    • Thank you very much. Unfortunately I get myself into this type of situation quite often and am trying to learn to curb my temper which tends to get a little hot. It’s nice to know that I am not in this club alone. 🙂

  1. really liked this as it rings true, more so with religion than with politics…most of my friends are actually on the other end of the political spectrum as I am so I have learned to tenderfoot my opinion in their company and have long standing debates going with some…even if those debates get rather heated they are entitled their opinion as I am mine…right or wrong will be decided in a court higher than that of man…

    • I would agree with that although I tend to get sucked into discussions of politics far more often than religion. My work colleagues, with the exception of 1 or 2 people, hold completely opposite political opinions to mine, however I do realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is why I have been making a conscious effort to curb my passion, at least a little if for no other reason than my health and sanity. Thank you very much for the comment.

  2. sometimes passion requires more than civility. Never apologize for believing, for caring, for feeling strongly enough about something to speak (or write even). Yes, perhaps, we get too narrow in our views sometimes, but I, for one, would much rather HAVE a view than not. So many seem to have no opinions at all. Great poem Dominic!

    Only one suggestion … “I have, as yet, been unable to reign in my passions” shouldn’t this be “rein” as in control, not rule? Or perhaps you indeed mean rule your passions. Wasn’t sure, so I thought I would ask for clarification.

    • You are right, it is far better to have opinions and passions than to have not at all. So many people love to complain about things, but have no opinions of their own. That it exactly the kind of thing that I run into in these types of conversations. Someone will ask for my opinion and then when I give it to them they try to pick it apart, but offer no alternatives of their own.

      As far as the use of “rein” or “reign”, my intention was to rule my passions in this particular case, although either one would have worked equally well I think. 🙂

  3. This is something that has been on my mind for a long time now: almost nothing can invoke an emotion as strong as the topics of religion and politics. So many historic events happened because of one of these two things (or even both). I have to say though, personally, I’m not a very religious person. I’ve never been baptized, nor has any other member of my family. However, we have close family friends that have become very religious, and at times, it has become somewhat annoying. If they were to come over for dinner or vice versa, almost all of the conversation is centered around religion and God.

    Politics, on the other hand, I am very knowledgeable about. For better or for worse, it has become my life. (Both literally and figuratively.) And on a daily basis, I have to work with people that have to complete opposite political beliefs that I have. Evidently, this causes countless debates and heated arguments.

    • I like you am a political “junkie”, it’s one of those things I love to hate. As far as religion goes, I can sympathize with you on the extremely religious. Every conversation does not have to begin and end with a reference to God. I do, however also have a great interest in religions, I find them exceptionally interesting reading and studying them.

      You are correct that these two subjects have probably been the cause of more altercations than anything else. In any case, I personally have had more heated discussions over politics and to a lesser extent religion than any other subjects. My personal quest is to learn to reel in my propensity to argue my points to the point of anger (at times). There is nothing more frustrating than to be asked for an opinion and then be attacked for it. By arguing I find that the only thing I change is my blood pressure. Thank you for the comment and for taking the time to read my poem.

  4. I really like this poem. I used to never like discussing religion, or politics. I suppose I was too worried about ending up “red-faced.” As I grow older, though, I’m more comfortable discussing both and not as worried about how others perceive me.

    • Thank you for reading my poem Cody. I am really not afraid of either topic as I feel myself reasonably well versed in both, they happen to be two of my favorite interests. I guess my problem is that sometimes I let my passion for the topics incite me to anger, especially when cornered and attacked. I have gotten much better at controlling my temper, but sometimes I still slip up. This is where my frustration comes in.

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