The New Year Comes

The New Year comes

Amidst fireworks and gunfire.

Another corrosive year

Under the auspices of a fool.

Nothing to change for the better,

Nothing, just more pain,

More divisiveness and heartache.

Watch as what’s unknown

Collapses around our knees.

Impetuousness and egotism

Drive us to the brink of war.

Alone…we’ve alienated our friends,

Left them wondering what we stand for

While we wonder what we stand for.

We’ve lost our souls,

Sold them to the devil himself

While he sits laughing

And watching the insanity of Hannity

On his big screen.

Drowning in birdless tweets,

We live under the thumb of a child

Who treats our sacred institutions

As schoolyard rules to be trampled upon

For his own pleasure.

The New Year comes

And here we are ,

On the second spin of the merry-go-round

With a circus clown at the controls.

God help us…again.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

We Sing Auld Lang Syne

We sing Auld Lang Syne,

Drink toasts, kiss one another

Parting as best friends

Is any of this sincere

Or just another facade


I really don’t know

Perhaps it’s the tradition

An obligation

Giving hope in the New Year

To the masses of hopeless


Regardless of why

I shall tip my glass with glee

Drink my libation

Kiss and hug as dictated

Joining the hopeless in hope


This is my duty

As a member of mankind

Which I shall not shirk

Performed with an honest smile

And truest love in my heart


A Happy New Year

And a sincere best wishes

Are my closing words

May it be all that you hoped

And greater than expected


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


How Glorious The Year As It Comes To An End (Pantoum)

How glorious the year as it comes to an end,

Thankful for all that I have received,

Complaints I have few, no regrets do I send,

Dismissing what should never be grieved.


Thankful for all that I have received,

A fool would I be to complain,

Dismissing what should never be grieved,

Cherishing that which remains.


A fool would I be to complain,

Perceived as nothing but a whiner,

Cherishing that which remains,

Leaving only the good which is finer.


Perceived as nothing but a whiner,

Is something which should never be attained,

Leaving only the good which is finer,

To those that will follow unconstrained.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Description taken from :

The pantoum consists of a series of quatrains rhyming ABAB in which the second and fourth lines of a quatrain recur as the first and third lines in the succeeding quatrain; each quatrain introduces a new second rhyme as BCBC, CDCD. The first line of the series recurs as the last line of the closing quatrain, and third line of the poem recurs as the second line of the closing quatrain, rhyming ZAZA.

The design is simple:

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3

Line 4


Line 5 (repeat of line 2)

Line 6

Line 7 (repeat of line 4)

Line 8

Continue with as many stanzas as you wish, but the ending stanza then repeats the second and fourth lines of the previous stanza (as its first and third lines), and also repeats the third line of the first stanza, as its second line, and the first line of the first stanza as its fourth. So the first line of the poem is also the last.

Last stanza:

Line 2 of previous stanza

Line 3 of first stanza

Line 4 of previous stanza

Line 1 of first stanza

Another Years Pass

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Another page in a life has turned

To look back on what might have been

For hopes and dreams we fought and yearned

Have passed us by sight unseen.


Resolutions born to steer our path

Put forth with the best and greatest intention

Champagne and music and social laugh

In hopes of better days we’ve mentioned.


To morph our heart and soul required

Without we waste our solemn vows

A change of course to which we’ve aspired

Time grows shorter when failures allow.


Renew the mind and the body will follow

Our spirit thrives when visions align

Life will fill and no longer be hollow

When sadness and regrets fade and resign


Look toward the new year as an offer to grow

In spite of what you’ve let dissuade you

Strength and determination must be what you show

To face those that would trample imagination held true


Trust your heart and your dreams will flower

No new years pass or resolution will save them

Endowed at birth with the universal power

To design your future while burying failures condemned.


This strength you’ve had all this life that you’ve lived

Wound and ingrained into your very soul

Have courage to pursue all your passions not passive

For these are the things that make living life whole.