So Demanding

So demanding, so selfish,

Looking out for “me” and me alone.

Didn’t your mother tell you,

Play nice and share.

When denied–anger rages,

Desires, like flames burn.

When left unchecked

Humanity suffers;

Feeding materialism,

Hunger for power,

Loss of compassion.

There is no peace,

Thirst cannot be quenched,

Enough is never enough

Needing ever more to survive.

Without spirit

The monster is revealed.

Without love and compassion

The host becomes a shell

Succumbing to the alter.

Tyrants and despots

Know this far too well.

Do not fall victim to this knave

For the path can lead to darkness.

You are the master–

Demand subservience

As if your soul depends on it

From the spoiled child,



~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


I Ache For You

I ache for you,

Nerve endings strain against the skin that represses them.

Agony and ecstasy bound into one vessel

Waiting to draw you close and ravage you.

This–a torture worse than a thousand deaths

I would not trade.

Nay–the devil may try to lead this soul astray,

But he will surely fail.

You, my beloved, are all that this unworthy beast desires.

The scent of your hair,

The softness of your silky skin

Caressed under my calloused hands,

Your love, though I am flawed and fragile

Is all that I desire.

I offer my heart, soul, blood and bone to you,

No conditions, free for your taking.

What more can I give than my life

Which was yours from conception.

You are my destiny, my love, my life,

The one that I live for

…And the one I would gladly die for.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



Blinded by incessant greed,

You care not how it is acquired.

Crushing the lowly ant beneath designer wingtips

Screams for mercy go unheeded muffled in their death.

Prodded from birth a loss shall not be suffered,

Now so ingrained is it that you know no other way.

Color green, dreams of dollars, pounds, yen, your consummate brides,

You see nothing else, you see no inequity, no poverty.

Devoured by loathing, oblivious to anything but self

You despise those you view as vagrants, leeches, sycophants,

Treating them as rubbish though you know not their stories.

No time do you have for the common good,

Nor anyone or anything but your deepest desire.

Leaving all else to ride the wave of your deadly hate

While you strive to romance your lover…greed.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Inspirational Quote: From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate – Socrates

Jem Farmer the Boi Poet – Poetry Prompt  – Three on Friday – 23 August 2013


Cloudless Brilliant Sky

Cloudless brilliant sky

A perfect flawless diamond

Another world

Open to infinity

Leading skyward toward heaven

Something desired

Regardless of religion

Though some deny it

If we look deeply within

We realize that it is true

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~