Can You Hear Their Cries In The Wind

Can you hear their cries in the wind?

Can you smell their desperation?

They fight change with venom,

Covering their adversaries in vile spittel.

Red faced with anger they create crisis

Instilling fear and loathing in the gullible.

Spewing hatred, they seek to divide

Driving a wedge between brothers.

Lurching in their death throes

They claw to remain relevant, but it is futile!

Time is progressing as it always has

While they remain mired in the muck of the past.

Just as the dinosaur was doomed to extinction

So to are they, except they do not yet realize it.

Farewell you carnivorous beasts.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Gangrenous is Hate

Gangrenous is hate,

Leeching on healthy tissue

‘Til decay consumes.


Once done…tell me what is left,

But a hollow corpse seething.


Such a waste of life.

O’ the good you could have done

Were you not selfish.


Alas free will corrupted

Leaving you ever bitter.


Your path is your own;

Be happy in this karma

Brought about by you.


May you take it to the grave

So the world might benefit.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Thirst and Hunger

Thirst is not a disease

Nor hunger a plague waged as a personal attack..

The dirty and downtrodden are not animals with opposing thumbs

Foraging through trash bins for food.

Their children are not parasites to be frowned upon!

They love just as you do with the same wants and needs.

Hands cracked and calloused know hard work.

Many toil hard and long for the barest of necessities

Only to fall short, thankful for assistance.

Yet you despise the poor collectively,

Lazy, blood suckers, bums, leeches,

Used as terms of endearment.

Speaking as though you know them or their circumstance

You display nothing but ignorance.

What do you know of their lives, their pain, their poverty?

Many are victims of economics,

Failing of health or disability,

Casualties of familial history,

Deprived of education,

Forgotten or blamed by the very souls with the power to change.

Greed and loathing blind,

Banishing compassion and humanity to the pits of hell.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Will We Never Learn

My face,

A dark reflection rippling in the deep, black of the water.

My soul,

Tainted by the depth of corruption this our world.

My heart,

Cold and pained from the lack of humanity and love.

My mind,

Tormented by the illogic that man inflicts on man.

My body,

Ravaged and aged beyond its years from stress and pain.

My faith,

Broken by the intolerance and hatred shown toward our fellow man.

My life,

Stunted by feelings of helplessness.

My wish,

That all these agonies can be healed

Then, like a cold stone wall, reality hits me,

Breaking my spirit and my will.

As I watch the demons of history

Resurrected time and time again.

Will we never learn?


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Blinded by incessant greed,

You care not how it is acquired.

Crushing the lowly ant beneath designer wingtips

Screams for mercy go unheeded muffled in their death.

Prodded from birth a loss shall not be suffered,

Now so ingrained is it that you know no other way.

Color green, dreams of dollars, pounds, yen, your consummate brides,

You see nothing else, you see no inequity, no poverty.

Devoured by loathing, oblivious to anything but self

You despise those you view as vagrants, leeches, sycophants,

Treating them as rubbish though you know not their stories.

No time do you have for the common good,

Nor anyone or anything but your deepest desire.

Leaving all else to ride the wave of your deadly hate

While you strive to romance your lover…greed.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Inspirational Quote: From the deepest desires often come the deadliest hate – Socrates

Jem Farmer the Boi Poet – Poetry Prompt  – Three on Friday – 23 August 2013