Gazing Up At The Stars

Gazing up at the stars too numerous to count,

I wonder…am I alone in this universe,

But how could I be alone in this great vastness?

How many planets are out there,

Invisible to the naked eye,

Invisible to the most powerful of human invention?

What wondrous life must surely exist

Somewhere under these uncharted atmospheres,

Somewhere beyond our mortal senses.

Only our own arrogance could blind us to the possibility,

That we are not solitary creatures.

For now, dreams of faraway places will have to suffice,

Living in my vivid imagination

Until proof can be delivered by the skeptics.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco~~


Prompt Courtesy Of: Jeremy’s Daily Challenge – Tuesday Conundrum 15 April

Prompt Word: Atmospheres