Stars, an audience–they look down and laugh,

We stare back jaw slacked, eyes of wonder.

How foolish they must find us,

Our mountains out of molehills;

Stressing and straining over our tiny little lives.

Nothing mortal could compare to that of the universe!

Keeping all of those glorious stars twinkling,

Brightening the slate black sky.

How tired the heavens must be

Inspiring romance, hopes, dreams,

The joining of lovers,

Receiving only occasional recognition.

What do we give in return?

Nothing–we continue to take

Just as we have always done,

Just as we will always do.

Perhaps the stars look upon us as the children we are.

Spoiled yet naive to the ways of this world.

To these sages we look for heavenly guidance

Offering prayers for blessings imagined.

This is in our nature

Looking for the Divine in that which we cannot touch.

Who has not looked skyward and begged for mercy,

Beckoned for release from an ill fate,

Cried out for intervention?

We think ourselves the center of all,

Master of our domain–independent, indestructible

Until we are overwhelmed, broken and drowned in tears.

Then we look out upon the vast audience above

Putting on the grandest of shows for their pleasure,

Hoping, praying for accolades

And furtherance from the stars.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


A Question of Eternity

Credit -

Credit –

By D. R. DiFrancesco


Who am I

Did not my spirit exist be for me

Perhaps not in this form,

Though most surely it did exist.


The things I am are not new to me

My essence existed at the beginning

Conception did not create it nor can death destroy it

So who was I before.


Maybe a river running through Africa

A blue whale navigating the seas

Or maybe a playful butterfly flying on high

Could not part of me have existed in all of these.


In this I find comfort

The body being merely a vessel

Temporary and dispensable on loan from the earth

To be gladly returned upon passing.


The energy that is me remains

Free of this vessel

Free to become whatever the universe deems fit

Glorious and unhindered by my physical being.


There is peace in thoughts of this

Knowing I have always been and will always be

Could this be the eternal life spoken of in religion

Whether of God or of nature, we may never know.