Stars, an audience–they look down and laugh,

We stare back jaw slacked, eyes of wonder.

How foolish they must find us,

Our mountains out of molehills;

Stressing and straining over our tiny little lives.

Nothing mortal could compare to that of the universe!

Keeping all of those glorious stars twinkling,

Brightening the slate black sky.

How tired the heavens must be

Inspiring romance, hopes, dreams,

The joining of lovers,

Receiving only occasional recognition.

What do we give in return?

Nothing–we continue to take

Just as we have always done,

Just as we will always do.

Perhaps the stars look upon us as the children we are.

Spoiled yet naive to the ways of this world.

To these sages we look for heavenly guidance

Offering prayers for blessings imagined.

This is in our nature

Looking for the Divine in that which we cannot touch.

Who has not looked skyward and begged for mercy,

Beckoned for release from an ill fate,

Cried out for intervention?

We think ourselves the center of all,

Master of our domain–independent, indestructible

Until we are overwhelmed, broken and drowned in tears.

Then we look out upon the vast audience above

Putting on the grandest of shows for their pleasure,

Hoping, praying for accolades

And furtherance from the stars.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Memories Dot Our Roadsides

Memories dot our roadsides,

Highway or rural it matters not.

Monuments hammered with tears serve as reminders,

Whitewashed, makeshift,

Adorned in faded flowers,

Bleached to muted hues by the noonday sun.

At times dressed with images,

Perhaps names or signs–loves of their lives;

Each one a silent storyteller.

Embarrassed, I often pass without offering a sympathetic glance,

Too consumed with my own circumstance to take notice.

This is not out of cruelty,

Nor is it for a lack of compassion,

But instead due to the chaos of everyday life.

Still–upon further reflection, I wonder…

Whose daughter, son, mother, father were they?

What story do they have to tell,

What were their hopes and dreams,

Are those left behind coping?

Questions are these for which I have no answer.

A solitary cross marks a souls final earthly moment,

Pleading to be noticed and remembered.

I hope to take the time, if only a moment

To wish their spirits well

And to pray for closure for those left behind.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Pondering God

Pondering of God;

This longing to find what lay beyond our living existence,

Attempts to rationalize the irrational,

Anchored with questions for which we have no answers,

This we’ve seen throughout our sordid history,

Wars fought, lives lost in the name of an invisible god,

A battle that did not end in antiquity.

Even today, preachers and false prophets command their thirsty flocks,

“Have faith, we will guide you to the promised land!”,

I am firm that they know nothing beyond that which they want to believe,

How could they, how could any man?

They are no more and no less human than I?

Irrefutable is this fact.

I harbor no ill will towards the faithful,

Their search is no different than mine except in path,

A path that may rejoin in what comes after.

For now, I take comfort that my spirit..

Always Does…Always did…And always will…Exist.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Eternal Night

The question eternal,

What lay beyond the infinite night?

I peer Heavenward for the answer,

Pleading for an omnipotent retort,

Never to be realized.


On bended knee,

With hands grasped in prayer,

I have asked for absolution.

Hoping that there is life for me,

Beyond this earthly Hell.


Surely there must be more,

How cruel the joke,

Were Heaven the fodder of fairytales.

This must not be,

I refuse to succumb to disbelief!


This night I will read the Book,

Comforting myself in it’s inspiration,

Denouncing the wickedness of my sins.

By immersion in the prose of Psalm 51,

Praying for the cleansing of my soul.


I will not surrender faith,

To the folly of Satan’s game,

Committing myself to his depths of despair.

Surely this mustn’t be my destiny,

If I am to be a child of the everlasting God.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~