We Live Life In Fear

We live life in fear

Afraid of the dark, of death

Of what comes after

Why, when we’ve done this before

Many, many times over

We’re born and reborn

Working on our mortal souls

Until we become as one

…With the Divine

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Blossoms Fold In Chill Of Fall

Blossoms fold in chill of fall

Sleep, to sleep as winter crawls

To wake again when spring returns

Sun and warmth and blue sky yearns

Glorious colors for the time must leave

Like lovers parted must surely grieve

We say goodbye for now dear friends

Awaiting the time you bloom again


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Encircled In Autumn

Encircled in Autumns chilling grasp,

Warmth of tea cup in my hands I clasp.

Just cool enough for a sweater in evening,

No animosity toward Summers most abrupt leaving.

Crunch of the leaves and the crisp in the air,

Young and old attitude, devil-may-care.

Breathing in freely a new lease on life,

Renewing loves vows of husband to wife.

Truly beauty exists in the wane of the year,

Another season born, greeted with cheer.

As winter approaches and darkness takes hold,

We all settle in for long months of cold.

Please do not obsess and never you fear,

Take comfort in the arms of those you hold dear.

For this, as surely as winter won’t last,

Time and time again as done in the past.

Daily the sun rises and Spring will return,

A lesson in grade school we all must have learned.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


The Optimist

Who we are right now,

Will become a shadow,

A flashback to who we are.

We evolve by the second,

We can change who we are in an instant,

Becoming someone reinvented,

Exhibiting new talents,

Changing how we represent ourselves,

Born anew.

The person we had always dreamed we’d be,

All by our thoughts and efforts.

We are who we want to be because we will it,

Making demands on ourselves and our circumstances.

We force the people and things surrounding us to change,

Or we change the people and things around us.

Either way we are reborn.

The person we were yesterday is no more,

Say hello to the contemporary you.


~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~


credit – whitegadget..com

By D. R. DiFrancesco


What beauty this world has on offer

The natural and spiritual surrounds us but we do not see

Too busy with the distractions of the material

Simplicity in the song of the bird

The majestic wonder of the mountain

The desolate elegance of the desert

The mystery of God

Lost among our earthly pursuits

With eyes closed and head arched towards heaven

My mind banishes pain, suffering and torment

Solitude seeps into my bones

A sense of peace forgotten floods my subconscious

The smell of wildflowers

The flutter of the hummingbirds wings

The lonesome howl of the coyote

The joy of spiritual oneness

Sights, sounds and smells I have long ignored

I can almost feel the arms of God drawing me close

Tears shed for time wasted dissipate in a divine awakening

Renewal washes over me

The material is no long all consuming

Reborn with a new sense of purpose

Filled with the glory of nature and the solemnity of nirvana

I have once again found solace and peace in this finite life

All through that which had always lay before me

But I could not see