I Chase After My Shadow

Ball Boy by Chris Jones

I chase after my shadow in hopes of pouncing

Its direction changing with each passing hour

In pursuit of the reddest of red balls bouncing

As red as reddest rose the tenderest flower


To what purpose I know you’re most surely asking

How foolish this boy I know it seems

Dreams of tag and dodgeball basking

Ear-to-ear my smile brightly gleams


A child at heart I choose to savor

Otherwise old and boring I’d be

Easily at home with juvenile behavior

Young in my mind and heart you can see


How simple it is a boy and his ball

A game for one or many to play

Toss up and catch or bounce off the wall

It doesn’t really matter, it’s fun either way


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Jem Farmer – The Boi Poet Monday ‘s Masterpiece 21 October Prompt