Flowers Erupt

Flowers erupt from ancient granite

Butterflies float effortlessly as if on a cloud

Hummingbirds drink of sweet sweet nectar

Caring not if of hand or nature’s bloom

How odd in this hellish landscape

The thriving and blossoming of such beauty

Living harmonious amongst rattler and scorpion

Such contradictions, these unlikely bedfellows

Each with their own Divine purpose

Who are we to question this perfection

Perhaps this is the model for man to live by

A lesson that has been before us for eternity

But we were too blind or too arrogant to see


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

We Look For Difference

We look for difference
Superiority is ego’s way
To set us apart
Superficialities–race, creed, color
Used to denigrate
Peel away what your eyes can see
Silence religion
Open your closed mind
What rushes forth from this cauldron
Blood, flesh, tears, soul
Crying to be understood
Begging to be seen as the mirror sees you
So simple to put in a simple word
Yet one that rarely escapes the lips
Said in passion
Said to our spouses
Said to our children
But one seldom shared with strangers

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Joyful Noise Sings In My Heart

A joyful noise sings in my heart it echoes loud and clear

Always there yet subtle, until I chose to hear

Misery and failure so often self-imposed

To those whose minds are weakened, shuttered tightly closed

We’re here on earth to be happy, harmonious in our life

Free from inner turmoil, free from endless strife

Still hopelessness persists and plagues the hearts of man

As it has always been since our time began

Knowledge is the power that will break this horrid trend

Solving war and poverty will bring it to it’s end

A precious gift to all mankind comes wrapped in simple love

The answer to our problems which came from up above

Or has love always been in us, but hidden by our pride

Afraid to share with others, instead we chose to hide

Convinced we’ve always had it, I give it from the heart

In time it will bring together rather than tear apart

For loving is far easier than the stress of eternal hate

Getting what we give will be our ultimate fate


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~