Your Beliefs Guide You…

Your beliefs guide you…or misguide you

Like the dam trains the river.

We are born to know no hate,

No prejudice,

No racism,

No ascension of color,

This must be taught…instilled

By those who influence the young and malleable.

Children do not see difference,

To them a playmate is a playmate is a playmate

Until it is ruined by age.

O’ for us all to be children again,

Blind to race, creed and color

Returning the world to its purity,

Its wonder,

Its innocence,

Where we all would live in peace.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Hatred Breeds Hatred

Hatred breeds hatred

How do you think children learn

Taught in the womb…no

Children are blind to color

Until it’s been pointed out

You’re handing it down

Perpetuating the hate

By your words and deeds

You should hang your head in shame

Ignorance is no excuse


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


We Look For Difference

We look for difference
Superiority is ego’s way
To set us apart
Superficialities–race, creed, color
Used to denigrate
Peel away what your eyes can see
Silence religion
Open your closed mind
What rushes forth from this cauldron
Blood, flesh, tears, soul
Crying to be understood
Begging to be seen as the mirror sees you
So simple to put in a simple word
Yet one that rarely escapes the lips
Said in passion
Said to our spouses
Said to our children
But one seldom shared with strangers

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

So Much Seems Misguided In This World

So much seems misguided in this world

Though perhaps it is me that is misguided, I do not know.

Is it wrong to expect more from us as a people,

To give with an open heart,

To love without consideration of race, creed or color?

Touting the sacredness of our religions,

Our freedom to worship as we please,

We are stifled,

Narrow of mind,

Driven to discriminate in the name of our God.

We preach against other free peoples,

Demanding their conformity to our world view,

Threatening hellish consequences for disobedience.

This is not freedom–

Shackled by our religions, it is we are enslaved!

Find one among us that is not simply trying to survive,

Doing the best they can in these uncertain times.

Does your Holier-Than-Thou attitude raise you above them?

Does belittling your brothers and sisters bring you closer to God?

Does freedom and equality apply to only those with whom you are in consensus?

It does not you hypocrites;

Your religion is distorted and not of God!

You are not ordained to be judge and jury

Carrying out sentence on your brethren!

Take heed of your own shortcomings,

As I am certain there are many

And this world shall be a better place.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Prejudice – An Acrostic


Raping ones identity

Extracting their soul

Just to claim superiority

Unfathomable to the logical mind

Disgusting to those blind to difference

Inclusion makes us grand

Communion makes us stronger

Ending prejudice


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

We Belong – An Etheree



as one with

our brothers and

sisters as we walk

this unkempt road of life

from beginning to it’s end.

Race, creed, color, orientation

do not define the person inside

they are but labels used to divide us.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Prejudice in the 21st Century

You look on appalled and concerned

Just as I look at you.

Maybe he’s out for walk,

Bird watching,

Enjoying the sun or the weather.

Oh no, that can not be,

We haven’t seen him before!

Where did he come from?

Where is he going?

He must be up to no good.

Casing the joint,

Looking to rob us,

Rape our women,

Set fire to our homes,

Surely he must be a criminal,

He does not belong here!

But why incredulous?

He doesn’t look like us,

His type doesn’t live in this neighborhood.

He’s the wrong color,

Certainly he must be muslim

Or gay,

Or dealing drugs to our kids

And hates this country.

This is the twenty-first century,

Haven’t we moved beyond our prejudice?



Hateful glances say no,

Joblessness says no,

Homelessness says no,

Hearts and minds say no,

Ignorance still exists,

The year,

The decade,

The century matters not.

In correctness some bite their tongues,

But their medieval minds dictate.

Thoughts expressed through actions,

Conversations held in the shadows,

The like-minded nodding in approval.

So little have we progressed,

Claims of enlightenment ring hollow.

Baseless assumptions poisoning us,

Fear used as justification,

Repetition brainwashing the ignorant.

When will it end,

This perpetuation of hate,

Cloaked as patriotism, religion,

Our constitutional right?


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~