So Much Seems Misguided In This World

So much seems misguided in this world

Though perhaps it is me that is misguided, I do not know.

Is it wrong to expect more from us as a people,

To give with an open heart,

To love without consideration of race, creed or color?

Touting the sacredness of our religions,

Our freedom to worship as we please,

We are stifled,

Narrow of mind,

Driven to discriminate in the name of our God.

We preach against other free peoples,

Demanding their conformity to our world view,

Threatening hellish consequences for disobedience.

This is not freedom–

Shackled by our religions, it is we are enslaved!

Find one among us that is not simply trying to survive,

Doing the best they can in these uncertain times.

Does your Holier-Than-Thou attitude raise you above them?

Does belittling your brothers and sisters bring you closer to God?

Does freedom and equality apply to only those with whom you are in consensus?

It does not you hypocrites;

Your religion is distorted and not of God!

You are not ordained to be judge and jury

Carrying out sentence on your brethren!

Take heed of your own shortcomings,

As I am certain there are many

And this world shall be a better place.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

This Nation Has Changed

This nation has changed

Sadly not for the better

Our blood has gone cold

Selfish, greedy and fearful

Unaccepting of our own


Once there was a time

Neighbors were as family

Help and help alike

Now it is all about self

Friends and family be damned


Love of another

Has been supplanted by greed

A match made in hell

Corrupting our very souls

Leaving us numb and hollow


We have become mice

Under the weight of our fears

Freedom taken back

Under the guise of safety

All done for our protection


We allow this theft

By elected officials

Willingly chosen

Buying into double-talk

Believing it to be true


The Constitution

Used like the Holy Gospels

When convenient

Equality guaranteed

Unless you don’t fit our mold


What happened to us

Give me your poor, your tired

Your huddled masses

Until you get in our way

Or we get tired of you


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Of Marriage Equality

This incessant fighting,

Selective equality,

Blatant discrimination,

Is this what America is about?


Answer!, Those of you waving the constitution in our faces!

You cannot pick and choose when to hold it in high esteem,

You cannot pick and choose when and what to disregard.


You say marriage equality is evil,

You say you are defending the children,

It will destroy conventional marriage,

Destroy the family.


Nay I say!

The demise of the two parent family occurred long ago,

Half consumed by the flames of divorce.

I ask you, is not love of greater importance?


Gay my friends, is not a disease,

It is not contagious,

It is not some choice made on a whim,

It is not a choice at all, but determined at birth.


You heathens hide behind your religion,

You hide behind the robes of your God

So that you can carry on your campaign of bigotry feeling justified,

Distorting the word you so deeply cherish

To the detriment of your fellow man.


Oh, but how funny it is!

How opinions change when they enter your life,

When they are your sons and daughters,

When they are your friends or next of kin.

Suddenly the world seems so much clearer

And that which you have taken exception to seems to disappear.


Raise your voices dear friends!

Stand with your brothers and sisters,

Stand with your sons and daughters,

Stand with those having little voice.

We must be one if we are to be a great nation,

United…Equal…and Free!


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Have and Have Not

You laud that all you have, you have earned

The blood and sweat of your toils payment

While covering the working poor and unemployed

With a blanket of hate and hypocrisy

Are not your hands outstretched

Collecting the tithe of the state

You are no different than those you so despise

It comes at no less a cost and is no less a handout

Than that received for the sustenance of life

Is sharpening your intellect from the pockets of the people

Somehow more noble than feeding children and the poor

You cry for the state to back down

While pickpocketing the very social programs

You so vehemently claim to detest

You hypocrite! You cannot have it both ways

You cannot suckle at the teats of mother state

While questioning that which she so graciously provides


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

A Question of God

On my hands and knees I’ve prayed,

Prayed for the strength to see the truth,

Hoping against hope for an answer,

One that has never come.


Is there more to this life than just living,

More than just breathing and being,

It is said, that if you believe there is,

Life eternal.


Words written by man,

Inspired by God,

Say there is life eternal,

If only you believe.


I have tried,

I have read the books,

So many books claiming to have the answers,

Yet logic dictates these are simply fables.


To see the damage done,

The hate ingrained in those claiming piety,

The intolerance toward our fellow man,

Surely this can’t be what the almighty had planned.


We are our brother’s keeper,

Only if our brother believes what we believe,

Lives by the same code,

As we interpret God to will.


The Ten Commandments hold no meaning here,

We keep the Sabbath for sport,

Money has become our false idol,

The Lord’s name is taken in vain,

Adultery glorified in celluloid,

This can not be what God intended for those claiming to be chosen.


Is not living a good life Godly,

Is not loving our brother Godly,

Is not caring for those less fortunate Godly,

Would not God look favorably upon these.


Does our fellow man’s race make him unworthy,

His creed or color make him unworthy,

Does his God given orientation make them somehow less worthy,

It think not!


Hypocrisy, hate and prejudice are plagues on this world,

Perpetuated by those claiming to be born again,

Claiming to be following God’s infallible words,

Simply to belong.


Instead I choose to live a good life free of dogma,

Loving my fellow man without condition,

Honoring God, by my thoughts and actions,

And not by the edicts of man and his institutions.