His Dizzying Array Of Nonsense

His dizzying array of nonsense boggles the mind

While apologists stutter excuses.

The dark underbelly of society cheers

Like rabid dogs dancing insanely in the streets.

Violence abounds though he denies its existence

Even while celluloid, coated in pepper spray stifles their lies.

He misspoke, He was taken out of context

Are the excuses of today as women are marched to prison.

Discussions of personal responsibility

Do not apply to this “Teflon Don”.

He speaks his ugly mind

Letting consequences fall where they may.

He didn’t start it, the other guy did

Showing that even spouses aren’t safe.

A schoolyard bully in a custom tailored suit

Wants to rule your roost,

And you are willing to blindly let him.

It matters not whether he is of substance,

It only matters that he speaks exactly what you think.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Wouldst Thou Love Me Were I A Peasant (Sonnet)

Wouldst thou love me were I a peasant,

Owning little but what hangs upon my back.

I thinkest thou would not find this so pleasant,

Discarding me for all of this world that I lack.


Wouldst thou speaketh to me were I a leper,

Or ignore me whilst turning a blind eye.

I thinkest thou would prefer me fettered,

In shackles where none could see me cry.


Wouldst thou hold me if I were a poor wretch dying,

Alone and filthy on thy city thoroughfare.

I thinkest thou would leaveth me bloody and lying,

‘Til the ravens come to taketh their share.


Is compassion so hard for thee to perceive, casting feeling aside with nary a care.

Giveth from the heart and thou shalt conceive, a life full of blessing worthy to share.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


Blink And It Is Gone

Blink and it is gone.

All that you took for granted–


Because of insatiable greed

And deep-rooted selfishness.

Looking down from high

Upon those less fortunate

With smirks and disdain–

You should truly be ashamed!

Each dirty face could be yours

In a single blink.

It is that simple.

In this life or the next

There will be judgement.

Do you want to take the chance

That you’ll be the lesser soul?


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


O’ Silvery Ghost

O’ silvery ghost

Muted light bathes tear-stained cheeks

Shed for my lost love

I beg you–grant me mercy

As I mourn my selfish loss

I was not worthy

Offering only safety

While she offered love

Blame squarely sits upon me

As I fade into the night


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~


This Nation Has Changed

This nation has changed

Sadly not for the better

Our blood has gone cold

Selfish, greedy and fearful

Unaccepting of our own


Once there was a time

Neighbors were as family

Help and help alike

Now it is all about self

Friends and family be damned


Love of another

Has been supplanted by greed

A match made in hell

Corrupting our very souls

Leaving us numb and hollow


We have become mice

Under the weight of our fears

Freedom taken back

Under the guise of safety

All done for our protection


We allow this theft

By elected officials

Willingly chosen

Buying into double-talk

Believing it to be true


The Constitution

Used like the Holy Gospels

When convenient

Equality guaranteed

Unless you don’t fit our mold


What happened to us

Give me your poor, your tired

Your huddled masses

Until you get in our way

Or we get tired of you


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

To See The River

To see the river and watch it flow,

Effortlessly from where it came to whence it go

Never curious about why or where,

Traveling with grace, nary a care.

Unlike man who obsesses and frets,

About all that he gives and all that he gets.

Grabbing as much as he possibly can,

Selfish and hoarding ‘til it gets out of hand.

Then in the end they find all is for naught,

Worth nothing more than a penny for a thought.

Wise would it have been to follow rivers example,

Living with ease, nature provides all that is ample.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~