This Nation Has Changed

This nation has changed

Sadly not for the better

Our blood has gone cold

Selfish, greedy and fearful

Unaccepting of our own


Once there was a time

Neighbors were as family

Help and help alike

Now it is all about self

Friends and family be damned


Love of another

Has been supplanted by greed

A match made in hell

Corrupting our very souls

Leaving us numb and hollow


We have become mice

Under the weight of our fears

Freedom taken back

Under the guise of safety

All done for our protection


We allow this theft

By elected officials

Willingly chosen

Buying into double-talk

Believing it to be true


The Constitution

Used like the Holy Gospels

When convenient

Equality guaranteed

Unless you don’t fit our mold


What happened to us

Give me your poor, your tired

Your huddled masses

Until you get in our way

Or we get tired of you


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Drawn To A Mirage

Drawn to a waterless mirage,

Sustenance proffered from behind a smiling facade,

We long for what was, the honesty, the promise given at inception.

This nation…this world, is not what they envisioned!

Never-the-less, weak-minded and self-absorbed we self-inflict

Over and over and over again.

I too have inflicted myself on more than one occasion,

Placing faith in the faithless, trust in the untrustworthy

Only to have hopes dashed to oblivion.

You also, in honest appraisal, must have done so as well.

When will we wake up to the traitorous criminality of those entrusted with the sacred,

The injustice, the deceit, the blatant prejudice toward the people?

We the people comprises every citizen,

Race nor creed nor color nor sexual orientation has bearing,

Not just for those deemed as righteous or worthy in another’s eyes.

They are us…beholden to us, answerable to us if we demand it,

But instead we cower with an air of disinterest, taking our medicine

Like good subservient children.

Who is to blame for this debacle?

They are,

We are,

We are the true culprits,

Complicit in their scheme!

Complicit through tolerance or blindness, neither an excuse.

When will we awake from our slumber to hold these servants of the public accountable

We have an obligation to the experiment, yet we have faltered.

Laziness and ignorance are our legacy,

The legacy we have created in our own image.

How sad to see our path toward the annals of history,

Strewn with the sacrifices of the fallen.

If not for ourselves, for them we should correct course,

Return to the greatness that was us,

If we still know the way.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~