His Dizzying Array Of Nonsense

His dizzying array of nonsense boggles the mind

While apologists stutter excuses.

The dark underbelly of society cheers

Like rabid dogs dancing insanely in the streets.

Violence abounds though he denies its existence

Even while celluloid, coated in pepper spray stifles their lies.

He misspoke, He was taken out of context

Are the excuses of today as women are marched to prison.

Discussions of personal responsibility

Do not apply to this “Teflon Don”.

He speaks his ugly mind

Letting consequences fall where they may.

He didn’t start it, the other guy did

Showing that even spouses aren’t safe.

A schoolyard bully in a custom tailored suit

Wants to rule your roost,

And you are willing to blindly let him.

It matters not whether he is of substance,

It only matters that he speaks exactly what you think.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

16 thoughts on “His Dizzying Array Of Nonsense

    • Surprisingly there are more of them than I would have ever imagined. It seems as though there is nothing he can do or say that affects his poll numbers, that to me is scary. What we are seeing are many hate-filled and racist people among the supporters who attend his events and because of this anyone who disagrees with him may be the victim of violence. This seems to happen at virtually every one of his rallies lately. At a recent rally in Wisconsin, a 15 year old girl who was protesting against Trump received pepper spray directly in her eyes from about a 1/2 a meter away. Anyway, sadly yes, there are a good number of people who really believe he can be Americas savior. It is a very sad state we find ourselves in at this time. Hopefully things will change for the better and that even if he become the Republican nominee, he won’t win the general election in November.

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