His Dizzying Array Of Nonsense

His dizzying array of nonsense boggles the mind

While apologists stutter excuses.

The dark underbelly of society cheers

Like rabid dogs dancing insanely in the streets.

Violence abounds though he denies its existence

Even while celluloid, coated in pepper spray stifles their lies.

He misspoke, He was taken out of context

Are the excuses of today as women are marched to prison.

Discussions of personal responsibility

Do not apply to this “Teflon Don”.

He speaks his ugly mind

Letting consequences fall where they may.

He didn’t start it, the other guy did

Showing that even spouses aren’t safe.

A schoolyard bully in a custom tailored suit

Wants to rule your roost,

And you are willing to blindly let him.

It matters not whether he is of substance,

It only matters that he speaks exactly what you think.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Look Within Your Heart My Wayward Son

Look within your heart my wayward son

To where your ancestry lies

At gun’s molten barrel the war won’t be won

No matter how hard you might try


Where did your fathers and mothers come from

No doubt from a long distant shore

Once arriving in America their journey’d begun

Facing more than their hopes bargained for


Fiery rhetoric from the ignorant right

Does nothing but insight hate filled fear

Isolating newcomers who fled terrors fight

Disillusioning their wish to be here


It’s amazing how little this nation’s progressed

Seeing prejudice and racism rear their heads

Taking one step forward then two we regress

Giving in to the hate mongers dread


Perhaps it is time we holster our guns

And temper our fork tongued speech

Instead doing what America should have done

Practicing exactly what we preach


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Politician’s Words

Politician’s words

Sometimes I just shake my head

Such stupidity


Appealing to the fringes

They hurt intentionally


We’re more sensitive

Of this there is little doubt

It is about time


Why must we tolerate hate

From those who wish to lead us


It’s freedom of speech

Defended by so many

I would not trade this


But freedom comes with a cost

One that is best spent wisely


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Sticks And Stones

Sticks and stones may break one’s bones,

But words most certainly hurt.

Bones do heal as time has shown,

While words eternal pain can exert.


Some will use age as a valid excuse

For exhibition of poor behavior.

Even if you were some eccentric recluse,

This still wouldn’t serve as your savior.


All the money in this world does not buy you the right

To treat others as something less human.

On judgement day you will see the shortness of sight,

And your legacy will be seeking absolution.


Your racism only serves to sever the bonds

You should have with your sisters and brothers.

Claiming foul play when they choose to respond,

Treating them not as friends, but as others.


Bury your head in the proverbial sand,

Denying your views are archaic.

You won’t get away with the slap of a hand,

For in hate and prejudice you partake.


You’d think that these words would have long ago past

Into the annals of far ancient history.

Yet time and again they rear their ugly heads,

Why to me remains an elusive mystery.


Let bygone-be-bygones aren’t we one and the same,

Dealing with the hand we’ve been given.

Helping one another is the name of the game,

To live in love in this life that we’re living.
~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

Privy to Others Conversations (Sonnet)

Privy to others conversations, my ears are burning,

Listening to the incessant feeding of negatives hunger.

Voraciously seeking the sympathy, they’re yearning,

Causing me to wince, my nerves they shudder.


Perpetuating hatred–conspiracy under guise of neutrality,

Practicing not what they publicly preach.

Choosing instead to live a different reality,

One that’s close-minded, but so in their reach.


Why is it that man prefers deafness, to be blind,

Rather than change the narrowness of anuninformed course.

Archaic is their thinking of the most ignorant kind,

Thinking they can change others, spewing shallow discourse.


If only they would look inside to goodness buried deep within,

No place could vile hatred hide, the world’s healing would begin.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~



This Modern Day (Sonnet)

This modern day doth promote looseness of lips

Easily speaking with nary a thought,

Then later in regret we come to grips

With what is proper as we had been taught.

A click of send with no recall,

Forever unleashed upon our world,

Try as we might we can never stall

The insults and hurt that we have hurled.

Nay, neither you nor I are immune;

We’re feeble and frail in our judgement moral.

Apologizing and vowing a different tune,

We beg forgiveness both written and oral.

Would it not have been best to have bitten our tongue

Forgoing the backlash that has now begun.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~