Your Beliefs Guide You…

Your beliefs guide you…or misguide you

Like the dam trains the river.

We are born to know no hate,

No prejudice,

No racism,

No ascension of color,

This must be taught…instilled

By those who influence the young and malleable.

Children do not see difference,

To them a playmate is a playmate is a playmate

Until it is ruined by age.

O’ for us all to be children again,

Blind to race, creed and color

Returning the world to its purity,

Its wonder,

Its innocence,

Where we all would live in peace.


~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~

10 thoughts on “Your Beliefs Guide You…

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  2. I have often shared that children in a sandbox, sometimes will offer a toy to share or grab one they want, there is no difference to who it is, but what they want to drive them forward in their playtime. Thanks for this wonderful way you expressed this, also. I have taught my grandies to ask about wheelchairs, legs in casts or other things, saying it is okay to ask, but do it politely. Smiles, Robin
    The movie and play, “South Pacific” deals with this, I believe in the musical song, “You Have to be Carefully Taught.” It may be in “Anna and the King” or “The King and I,” but I believe that it is “S.P.,” Dom.

    • This is an outstanding way to look at things and you have done the right thing with your grandchildren teaching them that it is okay to be inquisitive, but be inquisitive politely. We certainly could use a lot more of this today. Thank you for your thoughtful comment Robin. 🙂

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