Lady San Estrella

Dark and exposed after eons under the sculptor’s chisel

Laid naked to the elements and the seasons

Sharp, jagged and formidable, few dare confront you

Either out of fear or rightful respect


A few fools dare scale your rocky crags in quest of your treasures

Cutting deep into your subterranean veins

Drawing out your blood and secrets through violent means

Leaving hollows only to be left abandoned once bled dry


Still this does not detract from the adoration of your admirers

The saguaros raise their arms to the sky in praise

Brave faced monolith, you offer comfort in spite of the desecration

Providing shelter to those that dwell under your protection


Your strength and bravery are none diminished

Inspite of the riches stolen from your purse you hold your head high

Taking revenge on those with careless intentions

Showing no remorse in light of the pains you’ve endured


It could be said that nature has been cruel to you

Yet you have not taken this to heart

Your life can not be counted in mere mortal years

Since you have outlived those that laid claim to your precious abundance


Our prayer is that your future holds you in appreciation and respect

No more to cut and scar your rough hewn beauty

You are a wonder to behold

To be looked upon with reverence as the creator intended

~~ D. R. DiFrancesco ~~